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Easy Turkey Donuts

These adorable turkey donuts are perfect for kiddos and grown-ups alike. With just a few ingredients and steps, everyone will love putting them together.
Author Morgan


  • 1 chocolate frosted donut
  • 5 candy corn
  • 1 gold wrapped kiss
  • chocolate frosting
  • Red rube frosting
  • 2 Candy Eyes


  1. Take mini donut and gold wrapped candy. Add frosting to the back of the candy and press to the center.
  2. Add the eyes, using more frosting as glue.
  3. Starting at the top center of your 'beak', pipe a red line to mimic the turkey's snood. I found that wetting my finger and pressing the end a bit made it more round.
  4. Press 5 candy corn to the top of the donut. Place the center candy first, centered between the eyes with 2 on either side.
  5. Set aside and allow to dry!