Friday Favorites #18

Happy Fri-YAY! (So over-used, so little care) How’s your weekend looking? Any fun plans? I have a baby shower for my girlfriend on Saturday to attend while Alex heads to his mom’s to help her with house stuff, and Sunday is looking free and clear. Just the way I like it. But on to what you came for, the favorites! As always, I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!



Favorite Animal: A Couple Did A Newborn Shoot With Their Dog. The best ever. I would have LOVED to do this with Cooper. This couple = genius.


Favorite Giggle: The Most WTF Moments in 2015 so Far. I love BuzzFeed. I always find myself browsing the site for much longer than intended, and this one made me laugh hard.


Favorite Kids: Toddler Activities: Simple and Low-Cost Family Fun Ideas. Great tips for both indoors and outdoors! Some Ryan is still too little for, but we do love a good dance party!


Favorite Dinner: Spaghetti Squash Lasagna. Can’t wait to try this delicious looking lasagna. One of my favorite meals made a little healthier? Yes, please. 

Favorite DIY: Terrarium Side Table DIY. How awesome is this?! I wish I had the skill and patience for something like this. It could also make such a cool coffee table if you used a glass top bordered with stained wood.. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Whoopie Pies

Favorite Fall: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. I mentioned on Wednesday that I am very ready for fall. These whoopie pies SCREAM fall, and I need to make them!!

Favorite Links:

Where Do These Popular Sayings Come From?
Watch How Robots Decorate Grocery Store Cakes
9 Things I Wish I Had STFU About When I Was Pregnant the First Time.
Raise Girls to Breathe Fire and Boys to Respect It  <– PREACH MOMMA.
Long-Married Couple Eats Bite of Wedding Cake Every Year for 60 Years
DIY Planner

Let me know – what are your favorites from this week? Leave it in the comments! Have a great weekend guys!!

The Liebster Award! Fun Facts and Great People

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! For today’s Thinking Out Loud, I’m sharing a fun little survey! Danielle over at Little Mama Big Life nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is a nomination given to newer blogs in order to get to know the blogger.  You can read all about her version here. Here’s how it works: you are asked 11 questions about yourself, and then you give 11 more fun, random facts.  Next, you pass on the nomination to two more bloggers with 11 new questions of your own.LiebsterAward

Questions to me:

my new favorite picture for forever. #shorteralls #watchungreservation

A photo posted by Morgan Wieboldt (@morganmanages) on


Who inspires you?

Definitely the hubs. He’s been through so much in his life and he’s such a hard worker. He lost his father when he was younger, but only let it push him to work hard and be more. He’s such an inspiration to me and to Ryan.

Favorite Food?

I can’t! Probably pizza. Or burgers. Ice cream? Chipotle’s definitely on the list. So it hibachi. I can’t be on the spot like this!!

Favorite childhood memory?

When we were little, we had a pop-up camper and went camping at a family campground in Cape May with a bunch of family friends. One day we woke up, and  tree with a knife was a treasure map! Seriously, my parents are amazing. They created an entire treasure hunt that they said was left by pirates all over Cape May and Wildwood. It ended at our favorite beach at sunset, where there were “real” gold dubloons. Both my brother and I have talked about it, and be both kept them all this time because we really thought they were real!

Favorite app?

I have a bunch of money-saving apps that I love, but if I’m bored you’ll probably find me browsing either Insta or Pinterest. 

How many siblings do you have?

One brother.

What was the first concert you’ve been to?

The Beach Boys! I went to quite a few of them as a kid since my best friend’s dad was obsessed.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Gosh, I don’t know! I feel like with a little dude  and Alex away at work, I can barely picture the next week. I’m hoping for another little one, and just some happiness!

the only time he'll cuddle is right after a nap on the couch and I love it so much. #momlife #13months #littleboy

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What is your favorite part of your day?

The 10-20 minutes after Ryan wakes up from a nap at home – he’s so cuddly, and will just sit on the couch with me for a bit. 

What is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know? I’m sure if you asked Alex, he’d list a million, but I’m not sure! I’m a real picker – I pick at all of my pimples…


What would your perfect day look like?

A big breakfast with my boys, a long nap, Chipotle, a walk with Cooper, Alex and Ryan, a trip to Princeton for either burgers or Mamouns, and the Bent Spoon. The end. 

Which blogs do you follow religiously?

Oh, gosh, there are way too many to name! I started following blogs 5 or 6 years ago and I have such an obsession. I love to spend my mornings in bed just reading on my phone.

11 Fun Facts!

  1. When I was little I would make myself physically sick because I was so excited for Christmas. Like, I threw up for about 6 or  7 years straight on Christmas morning.
  2. I have a cat, but I actually do not like cats. We got her because I wanted a pet and we lived in an apartment. I love her, but I think part of it is because I still see her as a little kitten. Not a cat person.
  3. I was very sure I was going to be a marine biologist when I was a kid. Then I realized the whole research and lots of time on a boat thing wouldn’t be for me. Instead, my brother became an environmental scientist – so at least my parents got one scientist.
  4. I was a vegetarian for 10 years. It started as my (sole!) act of rebellion when my parents got divorced and just never stopped. That is, until I met Alex and my best friend started dating a butcher. I don’t regret it.
  5. My childhood pet was a hedgehog named Honey. We called her Honey the Hedgehog. I was allergic to everything, so my parents got me the one pet they could find that wasn’t scaly or allergic.
  6. I like to wash dishes (mostly). I find it very soothing, and I always zone out while looking out the window.
  7. I can’t think of anymore! Check out this post where I outline 10 of them  – I keep almost reusing them. I guess I’m not that fun.

I’d like to nominate Heather at Hungry for Balance and Kate at The Domestikated Life. I love both of these blogs!  Answer the 11 questions below, list 11 facts about yourself, and nominate 2 other bloggers and ask them 11 unique questions.

Favorite color?

Where do you find the most of your blog inspiration?

What was your favorite childhood memory?

Would you rather shop online or in store?

What’s your perfect food day?

What are your favorite TV shows?

One thing you can’t end your day without doing?

What is your favorite childhood book?

Do you have any pets?

What does your perfect day look like?

What was your favorite vacation?


Okay, your turn! Answer one (or more!) of the questions above!



Play along:

Choose two of the above questions to answer in the comments!

What I Ate Wednesday: ‘Boli for Days

Ahhh, another Wednesday is here! This weeks going pretty quick (LOVE when that happens!) because Monday was spent mostly out of the house/errands/doctor’s appointment, so our normal grocery store and meal prep was pushed to Tuesday. But anyway, you aren’t here to read about this random crap, so let’s get on to the good stuff: What I Ate Wednesday. As always, I’m linking up with Jenn from Peas and Crayons – if you’re new to WIAW or want to link your own day’s eats up, head over there for more info!


Breakfast: I didn’t get a picture of breakfast today, but it was the same as last week: bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin. (sans melon)


Lunch: Last week I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup – I was happy I did because the fridge was pretty bare pre-grocery store. Is anyone else excited for soup season? I buy 2 packs of whole chickens at Sam’s club and roast one and make some kind of soup with the other and the leftover bones.


Snack: When I was little, every time my mom made a big pot of red sauce she’d give my brother and me a little cup of sauce and some white bread. The best snack ever.


Dinner: While at the store and unable to decide on dinner, I saw pizza dough and immediately craved Stromboli. What followed was a huge Stromboli with cheese, salami and pepperoni and homemade marinara. SO GOOD and I have dinner already made for the week.


Dessert: The most delicious watermelon I’ve had all summer and some of the most crispy, sweet grapes ever.


Okay, I’m off! Let me know – favorite childhood snacks? Ever made a stromboli? Excited for soup season? Leave it in the comments!

Baby Needs for Small Spaces: 0-6 Weeks

We found out I was pregnant exactly two days before we moved out of our apartment and into my mother-in-law’s house. When our lease was up, we weren’t sure where we wanted to go, whether we wanted to stay in NJ or move, or if we had the money and means for a house, so we had decided the month before to simply move in with my MIL for a few months while we figured it out and saved up some money.

We ended up staying at her house until a month after Ryan was born, saving money for the down payment on our house in the mean time. Her house is a 3 bedroom home but one of them is used as a storage room, so we knew that if we were still there after Ryan was born, we would be roomies for a while. (which, after doing some research, I preferred anyway) In addition to that, we were looking for very small homes for when we did move out. For reference, the house we live in is under 600 square feet, two bedrooms, one bath. To that extent, the traditional registry lists of 800 onsies, a crib, a bassinet, a changing table, a pack and play, three swings, two bouncers, a highchair you won’t use for another 6 months, two carseats, a walker, and seven boxes of diapers in assorted sizes was just not going to work for us.

Baby Needs forSmall Spaces

What we ended up with was what we, after a little research and no prior baby experience, saw as the bare minimum – baby needs for small spaces in the first few weeks. We bought the essentials, and they got us through the first 6 weeks or so. Yes, we had to go out and get more diapers, and we definitely learned a few things, like “get more than one type of wipe because your son has very sensitive skin”, but we made it through in tact.

Below is a comprehensive list of the bare essentials needed for a baby from weeks 0-6. This is perfect for families living in small spaces, families who want to space out their big baby purchases a bit for financial reasons, or for families who want to live a simpler lifestyle with only a few of the available bells and whistles.



Pack and Play/Play yard. We bought an Ingenuity playard that came with a bassinet and changing table attachments. Honestly, this was our smartest buy. It’s washable, so you don’t need a bunch of sheets or anything, it takes you baby furniture ‘needs’ down from two large items to one, and then you’ll have a playard for whatever else you may need it for later.


Bouncer. The only other place Ryan slept besides on me or in his bassinet was in his bouncer. This bouncer SAVED ME so many times. While we ate, we would put it up on top of our kitchen table, where we would either put on the vibrate and music settings while he napped or stared at the little mobile and we would talk to him. I used it to put him in while I went to the bathroom, brought it into the bathroom while I showered, and put him in it with the vibrate setting and bounced it with my foot in an effort to get him to sleep/stay asleep.  We actually HAD a swing, but I am not including it in this list because it is HUGE, we rarely used it since the bouncer was 100x more convenient, and portable.

Swaddler x3. For the first six weeks, do yourself a friggin’ favor and get a damn swaddler. I fought it, thinking I was too cool, but I got one as a gift and it changed my life. I was a pretty good swaddler, but when you’re tired and your baby pees through another blanket at 3 AM, you will want a fast solution. We used Summer Infant, but I’m pretty sure they’re all the same.

Swaddle blanket x4. I caved to peer pressure and got a pack of Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, which I’m actually glad about. I liked the light blankets for covering the stroller from sun/wind/drizzle during the summer months, a stroller and bouncer blanket, and a light swaddle (a few times we double swaddled Ryan, which they did in the hospital, for a more secure swaddle when all the swaddlers were dirty) The smaller swaddle/receiving blankets (I got these as a gift) are no good after like, two weeks because of the size, so save yourself the money and space and return whichever ones you get.

For travel


Car seat. I may get some flack for this since I’m writing a post about saving space and blah blah blah, but I really recommend getting an infant car seat, especially if you plan to go out with your baby a lot in the first 6 months. Unlike a convertible car seat, which can take you from bitty baby to booster seat, this car seat snaps into a base that stays in your car, so that the carrier can be carried around. This is great when your baby falls asleep in the car and you don’t want to wake him when you bring him into the house/put him into the stroller as well as carrying him around and into restaurants. We brought ours into the restaurant wherever we went and Ryan hung out on a chair until he was 8 or 9 months and eating with us. Ryan is 11 months and still rides in our Chicco Keyfit30, which is made for babies under 30 pounds. Also, don’t bother getting more than one base. It’s a waste of money and if needed, the bases are easily moved from one car to another, especially if the care has a LATCH system.

Car seat caddy. We opted to not get a travel system since we wanted to pick out a jogging stroller at a later date and in addition didn’t want to have the bulk of a traditional stroller. (just yet, at least) Instead we got a small and compact stroller caddy that was compatible with our car seat. There are cheaper, more universal brands of caddy’s but for some reason I can’t remember (I think Alex just felt weird about the generic version, he can be weird about that type of thing) we got the Chicco brand one.

A diaper bag. Honestly, I hesitate to even write this since most won’t be going out for some time and they’re kind of big (take up space!), but if you get a nice, big diaper bag, you can also use it as a hospital bag, so it’s not that much of a waste. I got this one as a Christmas gift, but a nice, large tote bag would also work. Diaper bags do have nice baby-friendly additions that normal bags won’t  have. (a TON of pockets, wipeable, a removable changing pad, insulated and waterproof spots for bottles and sippys, and the ability to clip on to the stroller.) But if you think you won’t leave your house too much or at all, skip this for now.

A Carrier. I’ve talked about my love for our Ergo many, many times. I love how comfortable it is, how neutral the colors are, and how easy it is to put on. I put Ryan in in when he was only a few weeks old using the newborn insert, and non stop until 6-7 months when we went to any store until he was able to sit in the cart comfortably. If you’re nursing, learning to nurse in that carrier will be a LIFE CHANGER. Life changer, guys. Anyway, now we use it for the occasional trip and more recently, naps when life gets hard. There are so many other carriers for different prices and styles so do some research and chose one that will work for you and your family. I actually want to try a wrap or sling carrier with number two, but I know I’ll rely on our Ergo just as much as I did with Ryan.


THIS MAY ALL BE VERY CONTROVERSIAL. I KNOW BABY CLOTHES ARE THE CUTEST. TRUST ME. I KNOW. This is just what I did. Yes, I returned a lot of gifts. Yes, I kept it really simple. But to be honest, all of my dreams of dressing up my newborn baby in button downs, skinny jeans and cabby hats flew out the window the third night of waking up every 2 hours. But to each her own. Also, all of the clothes below are newborn. Ryan was tiny and fit into NB clothes for the first 6 weeks before going into 0-3. I suggest washing half your newborn clothes and holding onto the rest (and receipts, if you have them) until after baby. That way you don’t waste a bunch of clothes. Also wash the full amount of 0-3 clothes as a precautionary measure. If you don’t need them right away, at least they’ll be clean for the next stage which comes quicker than you’ll know. 


Onesies x10. Honestly, the only reason this number is even so high is because our laundry room was down two flights of stairs at my MIL’s and in a dangerous and smelly basement so I had to wait for Alex to come home to take the heavy basket down and up or I got lightheaded. You could definitely get by with 5 or 6. We got one pack of white, short sleeve onesies, and 2 packs of printed ones as gifts. My suggestion would be to wash one pack, and hold on to the others in case your kid is big so you can return them.

Pants x2-4. If you can, get ones with feet since socks are stupid on babies and never ever stay on. We didn’t need too many pants since Ryan was born at the beginning of summer, but if your baby is due in colder months, think about getting closer to 4 pairs.

Sleepers x3. These are great for bed time so you’re not stuck taking off swaddle/pants/onesie snaps/diaper seventeen times. Also, stick to zippers, because you will soon learn that the most snaps an outfit has, the more you’ll regret it and the less you’ll use it. You can thank me later.

-Hats x3. Okay, so here’s my tip: Before you leave the hospital, ask for extra hats. You will never find a hat that fits better than the one from the hospital. We left with about 7, because someone gave us this tip before Ryan came and we hoarded them. Little baby hats are mad adorbs, but they don’t stay on, so they suck. Convenience is key the first 6 weeks, people.

For the booty.

-Case of diapers x2. We bought one case of NB diapers and one small pack, as well as one small pack of size 1. We opened the small pack  of NB’s and brought a few to the hospital (very happy I did, because they use size 1’s at the hospital and they were so huge on him that he peed through everything) and kept the receipt for the case. No, one case is not enough. People are going to ask you what to bring after baby. Now is not the time to be coy. Ask them to bring over a case of diapers. Once your baby is here, you will know to ask for either NB size or size 1. Yes, you can stock up for years on diapers to save money, but small spaces means less stocking up.

-Wipes, 2 types. We found out quickly that the Huggies Naturals we were planning on using gave Ryan a terrible rash, so we had to switch to Pampers Sensitive. Do yourself a favor and don’t commit to one kind of wipe. Get 2 of those 3-pack wipes and save yourself the stress. Yes, you will need more than 3 pack of wipes for 6 weeks, but you can either go out and get them when you’re getting cabin fever, or ask someone to bring them over. Believe it or not, people want to help you out, they just need direction.

Butt ointment. Get one tube of this and be done. Tip: slather it on allllllll over to get that gross meconium poo off easier. Your welcome.

(optional: a Diaper Genie. We didn’t buy one and used a normal small trash can taken out daily until my mom came over one day with one. I really am glad we have it, but I don’t now if we would if someone hadn’t actually bought it. It does take up space, but now that the poos are bigger and smellier, I’m glad I have the smell barrier. ALSO we got the basic one, not the fancy step one.)


Bottle x2. Please note, this is a perspective of a mother who was planning on breastfeeding and breastfed exclusively. We received 2 different brands of bottles as samples when registering and shopping for maternity clothes, so I was comfortable with just that. If you plan to bottle feed, you may need more bottles, a bottle cleaner, etc.

Formula x2. Again, I got these as free samples when registering for Similac StrongMoms and Gerber from our hospital. I donated them when we didn’t need or use them. I would suggest grabbing 2 brands incase your baby favors one over the other. Also, grab some from the hospital.


A pump. I got this pump through my insurance and it’s great. As I’ve talked about before, Ryan never took to a bottle, but it’s great for me for building supply, building a freezer stash, and helping with engorgement on days when Ryan doesn’t nurse as much.

Nursing Pillow. I used a Boppy. If you do, get 2 covers. Just trust me on this one. I liked the Boppy, but I will say, it did lose it’s shape and there was a gap between me and the babe. I think I’ll probably try another brand next time, but who knows. Anyway, this isn’t 100 percent necessary (a pillow will do as well) but when you’re tired and just learning, sometimes the ease is worth it.

Pacifier. Ryan used a pacifier for about 4 or 5 weeks, before completely rejecting it. Those were a good 4 or 5 weeks though. If you are planning on using a pacifier, I would plan on getting 2 brands, in case your child doesn’t like one. We dug these adorable Wubbanubbas since the weight of the pet helped keep it in place.


Nipple pads. Grab a big box of these, even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding. Your shirts and bras will thank you. A lot of people like these Lansinoh ones, but I got these random Johnson and Johnson ones and LOVED them. I felt like they fit a billion times better with less slipping around. ALSO some people use resuable ones, but I hated them. Try a few and see what works for you. If you plan on nursing you’ll be using them a lot.

Nipple Butter x1. Don’t be silly and get more than one bottle or container of this. Honestly, I wish I hadn’t gotten the one I had since the hospital gave me another. Both containers are still mostly full, but I was glad to have it when I needed it, so don’t skip this one if you plan on breastfeeding.

Ice pack. I had Alex go out and buy this when my milk first came in. Everyone told me that my boobs would hurt when my milk came in, and yeah, they kind of did and it was for sure uncomfortable, but my biggest things was how HOT they were! The skin seriously felt like really bad sun burn. Anyway, keep these in your freezer for those moments. SO awesome. Or by pass buying all of these seperately and get this Breastfeeding starter set.


Here’s the thing guys- in my experience, babies, especially newborns, don’t need much. A set of boobs, some diapers, and a place to sleep, and they’re good. Having a baby in a small space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You don’t have to get ALL THE THINGS for your baby right away. Just because the baby store registry or your bump month group forum tells you need four different strollers, eight carriers, and a wardrobe worthy of North West in order for you to be a fit and prepare parent, does not mean you need to spend your life savings or fill your house with nothing but baby stuff.


So tell me – what were your essentials for the first 6 weeks? Did you get all of your baby buys all at once, or did you space it out? Let me know in the comments!

Best of the Weekend: Weekend Favorites

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was a lot of nothing – and it was perfect. I don’t have much (read: any) pictures from the weekend, so instead, this week I’m going to give you guys some of my weekend favorites – from this weekend as well as from all of our weekends. I’m linking these weekend favorites up with Katie and Erin!


These yoga leggings. I picked these us at Target this weekend and OH MY GOD you guys, you need to get then now. They’re soft like sweats or yoga pants, but tight through the ankles like leggings AND they don’t dig like other leggings. Love, you guys. I am in LOVE. Oh, and did I mention they’re only 14.99? Aren’t weekends for wearing comfy clothes and laying around?


Another buy from this weekend. I am the queen of drinking from a cup and straw. I have sensitive teeth, so no straw is no fun for me, and I always find myself drinking more if I have a fun cup with a straw. After filling up an empty Trenta cup from Starbucks and carrying it around with me, we bought me a real one this weekend. Perfect!


Walks with the family. I love the summer if only for this reason. Going to a walk on one of the many trails at one of the many parks nearby with Ryan, Alex, and Cooper makes my weekend. Sometimes we make a whole afternoon out of it and bring lunch, but either way, getting some fresh air with my boys is the best ever.


Starbucks. Starbucks in our house is relatively new – I just recently got Alex on the bandwagon. He always gets a coffee frapp while I vary. Right now I am digging an old favorite from high school – Shaken black tea lemonades!


Chipotle bowls. Back when I was pregnant and then when I was nursing Ryan with an allergy, Chipotle would be on the menu 2-3 times a week. Now we rely on it at least once a weekend. No, really. And for most of you, I don’t even have to explain why.


Breakfast. When Alex and I first started dating, we spent the entire summer waking up early on Sunday’s and exploring all of the diners NJ has to offer. We became quite the experts. Even now I think Sundays and slow diner breakfasts. Whenever Ryan wakes up early we pack it all up and head out to grab a good breakfast – a full belly and no dishes make this momma happy.

Yes, I realize that most of these were food, but food is my language of love, guys. Feed me and I will be forever yours, and the way I tell you I care about you is by baking or cooking for you. So tell me – what are you weekend favorites? Any new favorites this weekend?  Let me know in the comments!


Friday Favorites #17

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great week so far, with a fun weekend ahead! We don’t have any plans, and I’m really hoping for sleeping in, some solid naps (for everyone) and just relaxing. Ryan woke up crazy early Thursday and I’m craving a good sleep. Anywho, I’m not going to talk anymore, and just let the favorites do the talking! As always, I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!


ALL OF YOU: First and foremost, I really want to thank you all. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week, and unable to blog hop and reply to comments too much. I’m trying to catch up with the comments (I LOVE them you guys, they make this whole blog thing a MILLION times worth it to be able to talk with all of you good people.) and what not, but I just really wanted to thank you all for not thinking I’m the absolute worst.


Favorite for Cooper: Peanut Butter Delight Doggie Cake. I think we need to do a half birthday for the Coop buddy.  I feel bad because his first birthday was 5 days before Ryan was born and his second was overlooked in favor of Ryan’s first. I think he deserves this cake!


Favorite Creative: Running Themed Baby Shower. How adorable is this baby shower? So super creative and thoughtful!


Favorite Informative: Why I Buy Organic. I always think about fruits and vegetables when I think about organic, but for some reason I never think about cows and milk. (Probably because we don’t drink much since it always goes bad before we get to it.) This post was such an eye opener!


Favorite Workout: 12 Minute Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout. Gotta love speed and a lack of equipment!


Favorite Shock: An Artist Proves There’s Enough Sugar In Your Soda to Create a Lollipop. This was really crazy to me. While I drink Diet Coke (another favorite – Why I’m Not Worried About My Bad Habit by My UnCommon Everyday) this article was fascinating and eye opening. An ENTIRE lollipop?!

Favorite Cry: If you want a good cry, read this. My dad posted it on Facebook, and since he doesn’t normally post this kind of stuff, I felt compelled to read it. His best friend, my “Uncle Art”, was hit by a car last December and I know he is always on my dad’s mind. I loved where the author said, “If you’re lucky, you’ll have lots of scars from lots of loves.” Definitely the kind post that contributes to my quote book.


Favorite Links

If Meat Changes Color, Has It Gone Bad?
Pumpkin Spice will now have real pumpkin in it!
How to Keep Your Nut Butter Calories in Check


So what are your favorites from this week? Let me know in the comments!

An Open Letter to the Woman with 5 Kids at the Grocery Store

Dear Woman with 5 Kids at the Grocery Store.

You walked in the store in front of me yesterday. I saw you with 5 kids in tow – 2 in the cart, 1 pushing an additional cart, and two holding hands. I was with my dad and my one year old picking up some things to make for dinner. Your youngest girl in the cart began crying and was inconsolable. You tried a snack, (one of her brothers took it instead) a toy, (the other cart kid took that when she declined) and kisses until you finally looked at her and said, “I love you, but you’re driving me crazy.”

My dad, pushing our cart with my one year old chewing on the cart handle promptly said, “Phew, five! What was she thinking?!” I doubt you heard him because you were obviously preoccupied, but if it helps, I told him to shut up, and that you were probably stressed enough.


Thing is, you didn’t even look stressed. I guess there comes a point where you expect this kind of thing, where you learn to just keep doing what you’re doing, get what needs to get done, and ignore the stares and comments.

At that moment, I wished I was you.

I became a mom a year ago, and while I can nurse and change a diaper in public with the best of them, I could never have the aura of calm that you had. The aura of, “I have my shit together, thank you, and I don’t care what your opinion of me is.”

I hurry to hush my kid when he cries in public. I leave the room, the restaurant, the store. I get red in the face, my anxiety spikes, I snap at my husband. My husband tells me to stop being to nervous, that these things happen. My dad’s girlfriend who mothered 3 children herself tells me the only people who get bothered by an angry child don’t matter. But I just can’t get over it.


So, I’m writing you this letter to thank you. To thank you for giving me insight into what I can’t see myself and what no one could explain to me. Being a mom is messy and loud and definitely not perfect, but some days it is what it is. Who cares what people think? You’re doing the best you are able.

Next time my son starts the tired tantrum to end all tired tantrums in the store or even at home, I’ll sit tall, attempt to fix the problem, go on doing what needs to be done, and I thank you for that.

Because we are moms, and we do what needs to be done. Screw everyone else.


I’m linking up this this week with Thinking Out Loud. So tell me – has a stranger ever inspired you without knowing it? Let me know in the comments!



What I Ate Wednesday: Multi-Tasking Dinner

This week is for sure one of those weeks where I’m like, wait, it’s only Wednesday?! This week seems to be draaaggingg. I don’t know if it’s because Ryan’s been super hyper or because it’s been pretty darn hot around here, but Friday can not come quick enough for this momma. On the bright side, Wednesday means What I Ate Wednesday! If you’re new to What I Ate Wednesday, head over to Peas and Crayons to get the full scoop, where Jenn hosts this lovely link-up each week. This week, I’m coming at you with my Tuesday eats, so enjoy!

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Breakfast: At the store on Monday, these little cantaloupes were on sale for 97 cents. Sadly, when I cut one of the two I bought up, I realized why. I gave Ryan some and he gobbled it, but it’s pretty much a not very sweet and hard melon. womp. Ryan also got two, yes TWO, scrambled eggs with cheese, sweet potato, corn and bananas. The kid eats so much these days. I went with an old reliable I’ve been loving this week – bacon, egg and cheese on an English muffin. The key is to toast the muffin insides and cook the egg in the left over bacon fat. You’re welcome.


Lunch: Lunch was freezer leftovers from a few weeks ago, chicken and andouille jambalaya. Eaten in the container I froze it in for less dishes. ( I did have to dirty a pan to reheat it since we don’t have a microwave, but one dish is better than two.) Ryan had some leftover sloppy joes, chicken, sweet potatoes, fruit, and corn. He was digging it.


Dinner: Ryan had pretty much the same thing as lunch, but with a peach. The only thing he ate was the peach. He was in a pretty crummy mood after his nap, so right after dinner I threw him into his happy place, the tub. I ended up eating my dinner while watching him splash around because I was way too starving to wait for a post-tub/post-bedtime ritual dinner. #momlife. That dinner was open-faced veggie filled sloppy joes with a slice of cheese on each half. (a bunch of various finely diced veggies of choice, about a pound of chicken ground – I used chicken thighs – a can of diced tomatoes, seasoning and a little brown sugar)


Dessert: I mentioned on Monday that Sunday I made a tray of brownies. That is all, people. (PS, I used this recipe, not the best. Does anyone know a quick, no melted chocolate recipe for FUDGY brownies? Maybe with that boxed brownie crinkly top?)

Okay, so let me know – favorite quick, indulgent baked dessert? Any tips for finding good melons? Weirdest place you’ve eaten lately? Let me know in the comments!

How to Cook for One

I’ve mentioned here a few times that most of the week it’s just Ryan and I for meals. And as much as Ryan can be a bottomless pit of hunger, making a whole dinner for one and a half isn’t really logical. So what is a hungry lady to do? The key, for me, is to cook in a way that both makes meals for one mom easy while not wasting tons of food. Thankfully, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks for how to cook for one and I wanted to take some time today and share them with you!


Make a whole recipe and freeze. To be honest, this is pretty much my number one tip. Once a week or so I’ll make a large batch of something. Sometimes I’ll eat that all week, and sometimes I’ll freeze it in individual portions to enjoy at some other time. All I have to do, then, is pull it out that morning and boom – dinner. Some of my favorites are things like soup, (without pasta or rice – it’ll get weird) sloppy joes,  batches of refried beans (these have so many options! I like to freeze entire containers of them for on top of nachos, tostadas, tacos, bowls, or make bean and cheese burritos and freeze each burrito separately) pasta sauces, casseroles, lasagnas, etc, etc, etc.

Memorize a few different quick, single serve meals. I love making quick stir fries. A bag of frozen veggies, some sauce, and a protein make a delicious, balanced meal. Most any kind of egg meal should be in your arsenal – scrambled, omelette, fried into a breakfast sandwich, eggs are the perfect one-man meal. Sandwiches, baked sweet potatoes with toppings, burritos, wraps, or even pasta makes a great meal easy meal.

Follow Morgan Manages Mommyhood’s board Food For One on Pinterest.

Pin that ish. I love Pinterest, guys. I could sit there for hours. One of my favorite finds on Pinterest has been single serve desserts. Look, a tray of brownies or a batch of cookies will not last long in my house, whether my husband is home or not. So making only one is my perfect solution. But good ol’ Pinterest doesn’t stop there – There are also suggestions for single serve breakfasts and lunches. Follow my board to see some of the finds I’ve seen lately!

Have a repertoire or routine. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to thinking about what I want to eat for dinner. Sometimes I don’t have the time to look through Pinterest, and sometimes my frozen treasure chest is empty. On those days, I fall back onto my routine of simple and easy meals that I’ve made over and over. Eggs, stir fries, sandwiches, and salads are all easy and require little to no thought on my part.


Make a list and stick to it. This took me a long time to learn. And to be honest, I’m still learning it because I’m always forgetting said list. But on Mondays while I eat breakfast, I look through Pinterest, check out what’s in the freezer, and browse through my money-saving apps to create a game plan for what the food will look like that week, and my list for grocery shopping. Then off we go to the store. The key here is to stick to your list. This will prevent having leftover ingredients that will go to waste.


Do you ever cook for just yourself? Any other tips or recipes I should add to my arsenal? Are you as obsessed with Pinterest and I am? Let me know in the comments!
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Best of the Weekend: Naps On the Go and Camper World

And Monday is back! How did that happen? I have no idea, but I’m not too happy about it. We had a weekend of no plans and lots of weird fun (and Wieboldt specialty) so I’ll miss it! Any way, here is our weekend in cell pics! As always, I’m linking up with Katie and Erin!

Saturday I once again convinced Alex to take us to breakfast. Our meals looks identical to the last time we got breakfast and it was the perfect combo to keep me full all day. (Alex is the king of 2 huge meals a day. I’ve grown pretty used to it, but I still insist of a mid day snack if we have breakfast and dinner. Saturday was the ‘Bucks.) Ryan did some coloring while we waited. Note my elbow attempting to stop Ryan from tossing/ripping his place mat.


After breakfast we went to run errands and Ryan surprised us all by taking a nap in the car. We ended up waking him up to head into Target, but he got in a good 20 minutes. Once errands were done, we did some crazy crawling sessions around the house and took Cooper for a walk.


After about 30 minutes we got back to the car and noticed Ryan fell asleep at some point. He’s a pretty light sleeper, but since it was hot we risked a quick transfer to the car seat – success! But then we were “stuck” driving around while he slept. We dropped Cooper off and drove around and around. I hopped out at Starbucks to get the latest obsession of Frapuccinos, and he slept almost 2 hours. Score.


Some more crazy crawling around once we got home and then we were off to have dinner with my MIL. We went to our all time favorite Chinese restaurant near us (Nemo, if you’re near Keyport!) and got sushi, dumplings, and entrees. I got the Thai Basil Chicken, but I was too hungry to even stop to take a picture. Instead, here’s a picture of Ryan mastering chopsticks.


Sunday we had no plans, but we’ve been talking a lot (like, since we started dating) about getting a trailer for family camping trips and vacations, so we decided to take a mini road trip to Camping World. Obviously a stop to Chipotle was absolutely necessary.


While Alex ordered, I gave Ryan some lemons and laughed hysterically.

when daddy's ordering the goods at Chipotle, you give the baby lemons.

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Then we were off!! Ryan had some good reading material.


We searched rows and rows of trailers and RV’s. You guys, I was IMPRESSED. These are so roomy and awesome! We think we narrowed down our options to one we like!!


Another 2 hours (SO MUCH TRAFFIC) home and a Ryan napped the whole way.


Then home, dinner, bath, bed and a tray of brownies waiting for me once I finish this post. Great day.

So how was your weekend? Any tips for buying a trailer? Let me know in the comments!