How to Survive a Sick Baby with Your Sanity in Tact

As I mentioned for essentially the entirety of last week, Ryan had his first real illness last week. High fever, very cranky, super clingy. Basically not like him whatsoever. Turn out he had a double ear infection AND he was cutting his first molar. Poor kid.

All that to say, last week was rough. Like, I wasn’t sure how to make it through, rough. Like, I almost asked Alex to come home, rough. It was probably my hardest week of parenting since I became a mom. But I know more are coming. Ryan will get sick again, and so will any other babies we have in the future. Thus is the life of a kid.

So, when you’re little one inevitably gets sick, here are some tips for how to survive a sick baby with your sanity in tact.

How to survive a

1. Drop all rules and expectations. First and foremost, understand that all rules are off while your baby is sick. That precious sleep schedule you’ve made? Done. Meals? No, thanks. 10 minutes of hands-free time? I don’t think so. Accepting this is the first step to remaining sane. Ryan was quiet and happy while watching Disney Junior, so it was on all day while he was sick. Am I an advocate for letting your 1 year old watch cartoons all day? Absolutely not. Was I willing to set that aside to keep him happy-ish? You better believe it.

2. Get in those naps anyway possible. Sunday and Monday, Ryan took a few short (20 minutes) naps. By Tuesday, nothing. No naps. On Thursday I finally wised up and put him in the Ergo -AHH. Sweet, precious sleep. Okay, so I couldn’t sit, and was stuck standing and rocking while he nursed himself to sleep for 2+ hours, but I had my phone and Netflix, so it could have been worse. Plus, after those naps he was the happiest he’d been all week. Sleeping helps our bodies heal and fight whatever is ailing them. Sick kids need to sleep. If you kid always sleeps in the carrier, slap it on and walk around your house. In the stroller? Go to the park for a long walk and listen to some podcasts. Car? Go for a drive. If you can, do whatever it takes to get you baby to sleep so their bodies can do their job!

3. Easy, one-handed food. To be honest, the constant holding reminded me of the first few months of Ryan’s life when he had colic and wanted to be held Like back then, all of my meals needed to be easy to grab and easy to make. Burritos were the food of choice last week, but anything that can be held with or eaten with one hand is perfect. That way you can eat while your kid is, say, sleeping the Ergo. This really made me remember that I need to keep a few different meals on hand that I can just defrost and eat. I plan on making a bunch of burritos soon and freezing, just like I did when I was pregnant with Ryan.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! This is the number one thing for sick kids and babies. Make sure they are getting in fluids. We kept a sippy filled with ice water on hand at all times, and thankfully, I’m still nursing. BUT this isn’t just for the babe – this means you too! You’re going to be stressed, tired, and run-down. Don’t add dehydrated to that list! it makes you so much more susceptible to catching what they have if it’s contagious.

5. If something’s working, keep it up until it’s not. This was big in terms of getting food in Ryan. Sunday we realized if we spoon fed him, he would take it. Over the next few days we shared a few smoothies, some yogurt and oatmeal, all by me spoon feeding. As you may know, since we introduced solids using baby led weaning Ryan has never really been spoon-fed, but it worked, so we kept up with it. Same for naps in the Ergo, cuddles while watching cartoons, and multiple cool baths a day. If it’s working and keeping your kid happy and you sane, keep it up even if it’s weird/time-consuming/a little against how try to parent.

6. Follow your gut. Our pediatrician’s office told us that 72 hours is normal for a fever if there are no other symptoms like vomiting or inconsolable crying for 2 or more hours. On Wednesday, Ryan woke up with no fever, so I thought we were in the clear. But his temperature went to 99 in the afternoon and I called the doctor. They said it was probably on it’s way out, but come in if I wanted to, so I made an appointment for an hour later. Before I left the house, he was at 101 and diagnosed with a double ear infection at the office, so I am SO glad I went with my gut and just took him in.  As parents, we know our child better than any medical professional, and only you know if your child is acting unlike himself. Always, always, always go with your gut regarding your babies.

7. Know that it won’t last forever. At the very peak of this all, when I saw a tooth bud, a 103 fever, and was doling antibiotics, the stress and anxiety were overwhelming. But I told myself that this would not last forever. The next week he would probably be back to his little tyrant self. All I could do was make him as comfortable as possible, and wait for the medicine to do its job and for his teeth to break through. It’d definitely a hard thing to accept, but sometimes it’s simply the best you can do.

Thankfully, Ryan’s feeling a ton better and is almost back to normal. His molar is almost all the way through (though I see at least two additional very swollen spots in his gums where the next ones are coming!! Send the good vibes!) and on Monday we go for a follow up to make sure the ears have completely cleared. But I learned SO much through this past week, and I hope that our week of misery provides you with a little bit of an easier time next time your little one is sick.

So, what are your golden rules for how to survive a sick baby with your sanity in tact? Have you ever had to go against your parenting rules in order to make your little one feel better? Let me know in the comments!

Best of the Weekend: Balloons and the Wienermobile

How was your weekend, everyone? Considering that Ryan was feeling much, much better, I’d say mine was Grade A!

After a rough week on Friday, this delivery was pretty awesome. Remember when I nominated Alex for a #BreakYouMake a while ago? Well Chobani chose my post as one of the winners and we were rewarded with this awesome box of Flip yogurts! So exciting! We’ve been enjoying one each night and I’m a happy camper.

Saturday Ryan woke up mostly happy, and his molar finally broke through! He’s still in some pain, but it’s getting better. We hit up Chipotle before stopping at my dad’s to pick up our tickets and parking passes for the Balloon Festival. Like I mentioned, my dad’s company gets a tent there each year, so he gets me free tickets! Boom.


Then a trip to Target, where we wreaked some havoc.

just the wieboldts terrorizing target.

A photo posted by Morgan Wieboldt (@morganmanages) on

It was H.O.T and packed when we went, so we mostly hung out under the cool shade of the tent my dad was working in. We did get this priceless shot though – the Wienermobile!


Sunday was the perfect relaxing day. Saturday night we were trying to decide what we wanted to do the following day, and I reminded him we had some housework to do.  His response: “I’m always down for putting off housework.” So off we went to Princeton for lunch! Mamoun’s was on the agenda. Chicken kabob platter with salad and rice for me, shwarma platter for Alex, falafel and the most AMAZING and smooth hummus ever. Too good.


After some walking around The Bent Spoon was in order. If you’re ever even near Princeton, this is a must do. They make everything in-house in small batches using as much local ingredients as possible. They have some eclectic flavors like Old Bay Jersey sweet corn, Greek Yogurt, or peach-tomato, but also some good standbys like chocolate or vanilla. Their flavors change seasonally and it’s just amazing. My beloved vanilla sea salt caramel wasn’t there today, but my second favorite was – coconut coffee. It’s actually sorbet, but it’s so creamy you’d never know.


Ryan got his little fingers into Alex’s dark chocolate orange and he approved.


After we played in the grass before the long(ish) drive home.

wpid-2015-07-26-01.59.55-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-07-26-01.59.59-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-26-01.59.54-1.jpg.jpeg

Dinner was Panera because I didn’t want to do dishes, and Ryan got a little crazy.


Then a trip to Walmart for somethings. How trippy is this picture?


How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments! I’m linking up with Katie and Erin!

Friday Favorites #13

Happy Friday, everyone! I, personally, am very glad to have this week behind me. As of yesterday, one of Ryan’s molars is starting to cut (there’s a small sore right on top of one of his one year molars and it’s so crazy swollen..) so he’s had the week from hell when you add in the ear infections. Poor kid. Anyway, we were planning on going to the Balloon Festival this weekend and I’m really hoping Ryan starts to feel better so we can take him. When I was little my dad’s work had a tent each year so he always worked it. My brother and I would tag along and be the “models” for the hot tubs. I really want to see Ryan’s face when they inflate over 100 hot air balloons and set them off. Either way, a healthy kid this weekend is the goal!

On to Friday Favorites! As always, I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!


Favorite Test: The Ice Cream Sandwich Taste Test.  I’ve posted about the Kitchn’s taste tests before, and this one is a favorite as well! If you loved those vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches as a kid, you’ll love this taste test as well!


Favorite Dinner: Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta. YOU GUYS. I need to make this. In NJ, tomatoes are a sacred thing. I can smell a good one from a mile away, and I cannot wait to make this. Add some grilled chicken and it’s hubby approved. 😉


Favorite DIY: How to Repot Succelents and Cacti. I’ve got a serious black thumb, but from what I hear, succulents are pretty fool proof. I’ve been coveting the adorable little plants every time we go to Lowe’s (which is a surprisingly a lot..) and I could use any help that I could get.


Favorite Cold Treat: Watermelon Pineapple Popsicles. We all know how much I love watermelon. Add in pineapple? YES. Give me nowww.


Favorite Quick Meal: Easy 10-Minute Lemon-Butter Grouper Fish Tacos. With a 1 year old, quick dinners are the name of the game. I love love fish tacos, so this would be a huge winner in our house!


Favorite Tip: 3 Steps to Improve Body Confidence Immediately.  I love these tips to improve your confidence in your own body. I don’t know about you guys, but I could definitely use these tips every few days. At least.

Favorite Links:

The Absolutely, Positively, Best Way to Make a Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich.
5 Reasons You Should Be Proud to Cook in a Small Kitchen
One-Skillet Orange Chicken with Vegetables.
Sunday Dinners: How We Do It.
Your Inner Warrior.
Spiked Strawberry Lemonade.
The Struggle of Acceptance.


See ya guys on the flip side! Have a GREAT weekend!

10 (Potentially) Fun Facts About Me

Hey all! How are you on this day before Friday? I’m doing pretty good. Yesterday I took Ryan to the pediatrician after his temp went from totally healthy 98.6 in the morning to 101 by the afternoon. (I hadn’t taken him earlier because our pediatrician’s office told us to wait until Wednesday and he kept seeming like he was getting better…) Turns out he has the beginnings of an ear infection in both ears. Poor kid. Anyway, with such a rough day week, I’m going a little fluffier for this weeks Thinking Out Loud hosted by Amanda.

I love reading random quirks about my favorite bloggers. Compilations of unique facts about people really intrigue me, so I thought it might be fun to put together a list of my own! So here you go, 10 (potentially) fun facts about me!

But first, a picture of Ryan looking a little special that makes me laugh hysterically.


1. I never answer numbers I don’t know. I try to Google it really quick to see if it’s someone/thing I know, but I just feel like if it’s important, they’ll leave a message. More often than not its a telemarketer or something equally time-wasting.

2. My cat hunts me. When she was a kitten, my husband would laugh hysterically while I ran in circles in our apartment because she would chase me and swat at my feet. Crazy.

3. I am terrified of tunnels. Once my dad told me one could collapse to freak me out, and he was more successful than he intended. Now every time we go into the city, I close my eyes and hyperventilate a little.

4. My senior year of high school I was voted “Most Likely to Host Their Own Cooking Show.” I baked about 2-3 times a week because I was the team manager of the boy’s lacrosse team.

5. I’ve mentioned this before, but I never changed a diaper before Ryan was born. I held my cousin when she was born when I was 6, and then one other baby that was forced upon me when I was pregnant. To say I was under qualified is a gross exaggeration.

6. I jam out to gangster rap in my car. I’ve slowed down now that Ryan seems to bop along with whatever’s on the radio, but man, I can spit some rhymes, yo.

7. When I was in fifth grade, I thought I was a witch. My parents (begrudgingly) let me buy all these Wicca books and I would try spells with my little friends after school. I had (have) horrible eczema and we tried to “cure” it with some smell. It called for a potato, which we didn’t have, so my friend and I grabbed a potato roll and figured that was good enough.

8. My parents put me in my first pair of skis when I was 2. They met working at a ski shop that my dad still works at, so skiing was always a big part of my life. Now I look at Ryan and think that they were crazy. Two?!

9. I love to watch terrible TV. I like to have something playing on my laptop through the day, so I’m always looking for new series to watch on Netflix. I can only watch shows that don’t require a lot of attention, and I quickly ran through all my favorites. Now I’m watching things like Melissa & JoeyHeartland, and rewatching Glee.

10. I’m REALLY good at guessing how many x are in something. Every year my brother’s little league would have a big bbq at the end of the season with a bunch of “Guess How Many’s” and I always at least one. Balla’.


So, tell me: what are some random facts about you? Let me know in the comments!

What I Ate Wednesday: Indecisive Oats

I’m going to make this relatively quick because Ryan’s still sick (as of Tuesday night) and I am on my last legs of energy. And I still need to do my nightly routine. Anyway, here are today’s eats, a la What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.


Breakfast: You may have seen on my Instagram that I received a big ol’ box of goodies from Artisana Organics a few weeks back. In the box was a billion and two different butters, including a jar of chocolate coconut butter. OH MY GOD GUYS. I can’t. Anyway, I wanted oats for breakfast since I knew I could share it with picky, sick Ryan, but couldn’t decide on a topping. So I had allthetoppings. One third coconut butter, one third peanut butter and chocolate chips, and one third a childhood favorite, butter and brown sugar. Coupled with a nice cup of cold brew, as always. BTW is anyone interested in how I make my cold brew? I got an email about it from a reader, and I’m thinking about making a how-to post. Opinions?


Lunch: Quick chicken and broccoli over rice. Thicken the soy sauce based mix with some cornstarch and it tastes just like takeout. I needed a quick, easy meal I could make in case didn’t let me have 5 minutes to make lunch (HE DID, THANK GOD.) and there’s not a lot in out house since I skipped grocery shopping on Monday.


Dinner: Chicken, steamed broccoli, and Greek salad. I usually make this with more veg and orzo, but use what you’ve got, right? Roasted red pepper, banana peppers, red onion, feta cheese with the leftover rice with red wine vinegar dressing. So good! I love remembering this that I used to make all the time.

Okay, guys, Ryan just woke back up, so I’m off to comfort the guy. Looks like tomorrow a trip to the pediatrician will be on the schedule.

What are some of your forgotten favorites? Whats your favorite quick, fridge is empty meal? Let me know in the comments!


I’m a Fitfluential Ambassador!

Back when I started losing weight and getting into fitness, I started following a bunch of different fitness blogs that I still religiously read each morning. I don’t remember when I started seeing all of my favorite bloggers talk about becoming Fitfluential Ambassadors, but I remember being intrigued. It was these same bloggers that inspired me to start my blog and begin sharing my journey through mommyhood and a healthy life.

I see Morgan Manages Mommyhood as my place to document my life as a (relatively, am I still new anymore?) new mom, maintaining a healthy lifestyle after 20 years of eating badly and never excersizing, and learning how to make it all fit together. I love sharing my weekend bests, my eats, and my favorites with you all, as well as sharing how I made fitness, food, and babies work for me, with hopes that I can give just one tip to make your own life easier.

I’m far from perfect. I often look at my favorite healthy living bloggers and feel like I don’t match up. I overindulge, skip workouts, and am working through a knee injury. But regardless of all of that, I hope to inspire all of you to keep working at your healthy living goals regardless of set backs or slip ups.

Fitfluential Badge

With all of that said, I am SO excited to announce that I was accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador! I can’t wait to share more with you all about my never-ending journey through life as a fit mom and raising Ryan as a healthy, active kid. I never though that I would be able to make an announcement like this, and I am blown away each day at the opportunities, happiness, and inspiration this blog brings me each day.

If you haven’t heard about Fitfluential, it is a network of fitness passionate people working through different social media channels to get out the word about the healthy life. You can find them here:


If you’re interested in becoming a Fitfluential Ambassador, check out this site for more information and the application!


How to Clean a Graco Slim Spaces High Chair

Remember when I made it my goal to write a week of posts ahead? Well, today I’m thanking my lucky stars, guys. I’m writing this bit Monday night after spending the day holding Ryan with a 101-103 fever. Note to self: doing a little work ahead is totally worth it. **end rant.

You guys, babies are messy. They are DISGUSTING. If there is a clean spot in my house, Ryan will find it and smear God-knows-what in to it. I’ve mentioned how much I love our Graco Slim Spaces High Chair. We have a really small house and I love that it’s a free-standing, traditional high chair (safer for when Cooper inevitably stands up on it to steal a bite..) but with a small footprint when you fold it up to put it away. The cover is washable, which is awesome since Ryan has an affinity for reaching dirty, yogurt covered hands behind him and wiping them off. It has a two layer tray that’s removable too, which I love because let’s be honest, there are definitely times when I still haven’t cleaned the top tray by the time lunch rolls around.. Just me? Okay, I’m only a little ashamed. The entire tray comes off so that I can put together Ryan’s meal after I get him situated, click in the tray, and let him go crazy.

As much as I love how easy to clean this high chair is, doing a good, deep cleaning is a little more confusing. There are a lot of snaps and hooks involved, and if you don’t remember how you got it all off, getting it back on can be a hassle. If you’re anything like me, you lose or throw out the manual within a week of buying anything.

So I’ve put together this little tutorial on how to get the high chair apart and give it a really deep clean. For some reason, when I Googled it, I couldn’t find a single tutorial, so I had to wing it.

Regardless, here you go: How to clean a Graco Slim Spaces High Chair.

O N E  D R O P

First things first, take off the tray. I wash and wipe this down multiple times a day, but eventually it still looks like it’s stained after a while. Once a month when I do my “deep clean” I like to fill the sink up with some water and a little bleach and let it soak for a while. Wash it well after. Next, take off the first, washable cover. You need to first undo the elastic hooks on the bottom near the foot rest.


Next, pull out the stick-things from the arms. You have to put the tray rest down first. Then pull out the straps and remove the cover from the  .


I throw this in the wash with my normal laundry. Detergent and cool water. I always do my high chair cleaning at night because throwing it in the dryer is a no-no. I’ve done it once when I was having my MIL come over and I didn’t want a nasty high chair, but I wouldn’t suggest doing it every time. Once it’s done washing, hang it to dry. If it’s super gross and full of stuck-on crumbs, I suggest popping the corners (where all the food gets trapped) out before putting it in the wash. Next we want to take off the gray liner. This isn’t going into the wash, but it’s easier to clean the base and take out the straps if we do. First undo the velcro and the two snaps behind the chair.


Undo the corner snaps near the arm rests and the one near the tray joint. Now you can take off the gray liner.

snaps 2

Now it’s time to take off the straps. Feel where the anchor for the straps is through the liner. Pull the short end of the anchor through the hole on each of the arm and lap straps. Then pull the lap strap out of the actual high chair. Throw these in the wash too, and air dry them.

strap insert

Then remove the center strap. It’s not in the gray liner, but in the plastic base.

middle belt insert

Now the fun stuff. Spray it down with you cleaner of choice. Take a tooth brush (I know..) and scrub out the spots a sponge won’t get into. Places that food gets caked. Sigh in relief when it becomes sparkly white.

toothbrush picture graco logo

Next wipe the rest of it down. I scrub it with a Magic Eraser. With no covers on, you can see and get to every spot. Look at it in shock of how much food gets in crazy places. Fold up the high chair to get to other spots hidden when open and clean there, too. Wipe the entire thing down when you’re done.

straps strap directionReplace the (now clean) straps into the liner and chair, the same way we took them out. Make sure you put them in the right way. The shoulder straps should curve in, and the hip strap buckles should also point inward, as pictured below. Replace the liner in the opposite way as we took it off, and pull the middle strap through the liner.  Replace the now dry cover, and pull the straps through. Put the stick things in first, then put the elastic around the anchors. Place baby in high chair and get it messy again…..

clean with ryan

I hope this little tutorial is helpful. I love this high chair so much, and I think you would as well. Let me know if you have any questions for me!


*I wasn’t paid to write this post. Graco doesn’t know I exist, but I just genuinely adore this high chair!*

Best of the Weekend: Aquarium Adventures and a Sick Baby

Sometimes, I can’t WAIT for Monday to roll along, and othertimes I fight it tooth and nail. This weekend was definitely a mix of both. Saturday I didn’t want the day, much less the weekend to end, but Sunday I couldn’t wait until the day was behind us.

Saturday was a busy, fun-filled day that started with the norm Chipotle lunch. Ryan was being weird and skipped a morning nap (what else is new) and we figured a drive would help the situation. It clearly did:


Dat belly. (Yes, I know the chest strap is too low. He tugs it down, so sometimes it’s not in the right spot.. ) An hour and a half later, Ryan woke up and we made a quick pit stop for drinks. Ryan was living the Macchiato life.


I had to no idea where we were going, but we ended up at the Camden Aquarium! The last time we went was for my 21st birthday, so it’s been a hot minute since we last were there. Knowing Ryan loved the last time I took him to an aquarium, I was pumped. Hello, Philly!


There was an awesome KidsZone at Adventure Aquarium, which was awesome for littles. Too mad there were a TON of “big” kids (8-13?) running around like crazy so we weren’t too confident about letting Ryan crawl around too much. Had he been able to walk well/we went on a weekday/less busy day he would have LOVED IT. But he still dug banging on som drums. (Until some kid actually STOLE the hammer from him, right in front of us. I’m sorry, but where were his parents?)

wpid-2015-07-19-10.01.08-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-07-19-10.01.04-1.jpg.jpeg

There were tanks that started at ground level so kids could see the fish, which Ryan thought was too cool.


He also really dug the jellyfish.




Here are a few animal pics from the trip:


wpid-20150718_141531.jpg  wpid-20150718_142100.jpg wpid-20150718_142102.jpg

Since we had to drive past my MIL’s on the way home, we stopped and grabbed dinner with her. When we got to the resturant, Ryan was in quite the mood. Super cranky and didn’t want to eat the kid’s meal we got him, so I held him the whole time I ate.
This is super weird for our wiggle worm, so in my gut I knew something was up. It actually threw me off so much, then I took his sippy cup out of my bag (so it wouldn’t spill) and put it on top of the car while I buckled him in. And left it there. Yup. We went to my MIL’s to drop her off and he seemed super warm. By the time we got home, he was 102.6 and craaankkyyy. I let him sleep in just a diaper and he went right to bed, but we still stressed all night.

After Saturday night, I didn’t have too high hopes for Sunday. Ryan slept through the night (BOOM, second time in a row.) but woke up hot and cranky. 101.5. Womp. We did end up calling the pediatrician, and the nurse said that with the symptoms he had (zoning out, not eating, clingy, cranky) it was probably something we just had to ride out. Great. We ran out to get lunch and a new sippy to replace the one that fell off the car and stayed home all day. They day mostly looked like this:


and this:


We went to give him a cool bath to try and bring down his temperature naturally, and ended up with Ryan taking a big ol’ poo in the tub. I have a HILARIOUS picture of Alex fishing them out with a slotted spoon, but you can actually see the poo, so I figured I’d save that one from ya guys. Kids.

Anyway, by night time seemed a bit better so we went to Panera for dinner (UHM try their new Chicken Quinoa salad. SO DARN GOOD.) and COLD STONE CREAMERY for dessert. Happy National Ice Cream Day to me. Unpictured becuase I was such a happy momma, but sweet cream, oreos and cookie dough are

As always, I’m linking up with Katie and Erin!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting? Did you celebrate our national holiday? Let me know in the comments!

Friday Favorites #12

FRIDAY. FRIDAY, guys. It’s Friday. After a rough day yesterday, I am WAY TOO ready for the weekend. Even though Wednesday night Ryan slept through the night, COOPER didn’t and was up a bunch. Each time, I couldn’t fall back asleep because I was afraid he was barking at an intruder outside, rather than the more likely raccoon, leaving me with maybe 4 hours of sleep. Then the next morning the cat escaped. And Ryan skipped a nap. Needless to say, it was a long, long day. ANYWAY on to the good parts of the week, my favorite things!


Favorite Heck Yes: Target Employees are Pro-Breastfeeding. My girlfriend showed me this via Facebook and the love affair I have with Target just grew deeper. I have fed Ryan in many a store – I used to feed Ryan in the Ergo legit EVERYtime we went to Sam’s Club. I have nursed him at restaurants, at parks, you name it, I’ve nursed him there. And let’s just say, anyone who has a word to say about it is in for a rudddeee awakening.


Favorite Advice: Advice From Work-at-Home Moms. I love this post from Julie collecting her readers’ advice on how to manage being a work-at-home mom! SO many great tips.

Favorite Throwback: I found an entire cd case of old CD’s from my early teen years, complete with at least 20 mix CD’s. YOU GUYS it made my week. There were CD’s my friends made me, my brother made, and that I made and it


Favorite Party Food: Beach Ball Fruit Platter Recipe. How cute is this?! Makes me wish I had a pool to have a pool party at! I know some people who do, though, and I can’t wait to impress them with this adorable platter.


babylit-alice-in-wonderlandFavorite Baby: Babylit: Classic Books for Baby. I’ve seen these once or twice, but I didn’t know how many different ones Babylit offered! As a big lover of books, I really hope to pass on this affinity to Ryan, so this find was great!


Favorite Nomnomnom: Homemade Honey Corndogs. Uhm.. I love corndogs, guys. I don’t even care. I was a vegetarian through middle and high shcool and most of college, and I lived on those MorningStar corn dogs. Need to make these!


Favorite Childhood Fave: How to Make Pizza Poppers. I LOVED pizza rolls as a kid (okay, I love them now..) and I NEED to try this recipe to make my own!!



Favorite Links:

In Defense of Fruit for Dessert
8 Tips for Hanging Art
Favorite Lazy Dinner in the Summer – the comments in this are invaluable! Some great ideas!
A Few Reflections From a New Puppy Parent
How a Georgia Peach is Picked
5 Steps for Researching Your Next Travel Destination.

Linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!

Have a good weekend, you guys!!

The Unexpected Lesson From My Pregnancy Scare

Last month, my period was 8 days late. At 3 days late, I felt nauseous. I was bloated to the max, (like, gain 6 pounds over night bloated) I was cranky and emotional, exhausted and craving random things. I took 3 negative pregnancy tests, but Dr. Google assured me that I could most definitely still be pregnant. I relaxed, I paused exercise, and when I did workout, it was half-assed. I ate junk that I was craving. I caved to every little thing I wanted. And then, on the eighth day, Aunt Rosy showed up and there was no baby in our future.

It was a wake up call. Not because I realized that we’re not ready for another baby (we are, though the timing wouldn’t be great right now) or that we don’t want another baby. (we definitely do) It was a wake up call because I realized how much I use my mood as an excuse for eating badly or not exercising. Which leads me to the unexpected lesson from my pregnancy scare.

sunset skies

When I get my period I let myself skip a few workouts because I’m bloated/crampy/grumpy/feeling “off.” I let myself indulge on the days I try to eat well, because I’m craving it/I need it/I deserve it. What? That makes no sense. No one’s body needs to eat cookie dough ice cream or gummy worms or a 1 lb burger and fries.

If I’m sad or angry or having a day I let myself slide. I tell myself that it’s okay – I deserve it. It’s okay, because I had a bad day. It’s okay because Ryan finally got to sleep. It’s okay because it’s just for today.

But the thing is, it’s not okay. It’s not okay to use my mood or a circumstance as an excuse to treat my body like crap. It’s not okay to eat my feelings or to take off from working out because I’m overwhelmed. I’ve been shown time after time that working out and eating well only helps these situations, so why don’t I follow it?

And really, is that really how I want to treat my body if there is a life growing inside me? With my first pregnancy, I definitely used to pregnancy card a liiiitttlle too much. I gained about 50 pounds (so embarrassing to admit..) and it wasn’t easy to get back into the swing of things health wise. I didn’t work out at all, mostly due to horrible, horrible pain in my back/hip (Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers is suffering from the same ailment I did) but to be honest, I didn’t try hard enough. My next pregnancy I really want to be a little more conscious effort to maintain my healthy lifestyle – especially since now that we have Ryan, I don’t want him to think that these things are okay.

So, here’s my pledge: I pledge to think twice about that second serving of cookie dough ice cream during my time of the month. I pledge to force myself into at least a 10 minute workout – if I want to quit after, then I can. I pledge to honor my body and remember that it does best on healthy meals. I pledge to work harder with my next pregnancy to keep up my healthy lifestyle and be a good influence to my son. I pledge to try harder.

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So tell me – do you use that time of the month as a crutch? Have you ever had a scare? Let me know in the comments!