Happy Thanksgiving, All.

I realized I didn’t assemble a quick little post for today, so I’m dropping by (after an amazing night of 7-7 sleep for the kid – very thankful) just to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends.


I’m off to go rise and bake cinnamon rolls – our tradition as of last year, run to the grocery store for frosting ingredients (oops) and then hang out watching the parade and dog show with all 4 (!!) of my favorite boys, Cooper and belly babe included.


But I did want to stop in in tell you all just how thankful I am for you all – for allowing me to vent, and think things out in this space, to create friendships and conversations with all of you. Thank you for giving me a place to hash out my growth as both a person and a mother, and for letting me document Ryan’s little life through words and pictures. Thank you for always giving the best advice and for never making me feel silly or out of place. I just really, truly want to thank all of you for taking this weird journey with me and following this little blog of mine, from the bottom of my heart. I truly love and appreciate you all.

edited family pic

Now that I’ve thought thanked out loud and had enough sappiness to last a lifetime (so sue me, I’m pregnant.) I’m off to go eat until I pop. If you plan on celebrating today, I hope you have an amazing day with friends and family and eat all the cranberry sauce your little heart desires. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (If you’re interested in all that I’m thankful for this year, check out this post!

What I Ate Wednesday: Sharing is Caring

Happy WIAW, everyone! Who’s excited for Turkey Day manana? I am! I’m excited to see my fam more than anything, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pumped for all the food sides that are going to be stuffed into my belly. Last year I was super limited in what I could eat since I was nursing Ryan who was milk/soy intolerant, and there’s a chance it’ll be the same next year, so give me allllll the buttery, soy lecithin filled foods. (did you know soy is in EVERYTHING? It is. Go look.) I need to make up for lost time and future potentially lost time.

Annnyway, since we’re talking about food, let’s get onto the good stuff – What I Ate Wednesday!


Breakfast: I mentioned that I was really craving fruit cocktail in a can? Which is super weird since I haven’t had it in forever. Anyway, at the store I grabbed a can, and when I wasn’t feeling too hot that morning (I partially blame Ryan who was up at 5. One, blissful, full nights sleep and we’re back to the schedule of the weirdos.) so I decided to kill the craving. Nom. I’d say no shame, but there’s a little shame because canned fruit cocktail. Pregnancy is weird.


Lunch: My stomach was off all day, and all that sounded good was Shake Shack, Chipotle, and roasted vegetables, so I chopped up whatever veg was in the fridge and threw it in the oven with some oil, salt, and pepper. Sweet potato, potato, celery, carrot, onion, garlic. It was super tasty, and I may have demolished this tray (with a little help from Alex, who picked at the potatoes and garlic.)


Dinner: Not the prettiest, but damn tasty. I’ve been falling back on fried rice lately, usually because I make a bunch of rice in the morning for Alex and his smells good, so I want it. So I made fried rice with extra egg and veg, and a bag of steamed Asian veggies with garlic-y oil, pepper and a little soy. All of which was shared with Ryan. I put most of it in my bowl, because for some reason as of late, Ryan wants what’s on MY plate, even if it’s the SAME THING on his. Sharing is caring, right?


Alright friends, I’m going to bed (see above 5 am wake up) Let me know what you’re most excited for for Thanksgiving in the comments!


Funny story – 6 pm hit tonight, and I started going through what needed to be done before Ryan goes to bed and before I’m able to go to bed and realized I had NO idea what I wanted to write about for Tuesday. I have a few different posts in the works always, but after looking them over trying to finish and finess a few, none of them were sparking with me, so I decided that instead of pushing out a half-assed post, I’d make this a fun, low key week (because holidays!) and do a fun post today!

I’ve seen this survey pop up more than a few times, most notably on Amanda’s blog where she does it monthly, and it always seems fun! So I figured that today I’d try it out and share all of my currently’s with my favorite interweb friends!


Current book: The Eczema Diet. I know, riveting. In the past month or so, my eczema has gotten pretty unbearable. Alex wakes me up multiple times each night telling me to stop itching, I’ve spent stupid money on expensive creams with miracle reviews on Amazon, and I fall asleep with an ice pack on hot spots now. Right now I’m trying apple cider vinegar (drinking, baths, and topically. Basically, I smell.) and I think it’s helping a bit, but if I can’t get it in check before the new year, I’ll be looking into changing my diet to heal myself from the inside out.

Current music: To be honest, these days my “music” comes in the form of 10-15 minutes in the car or the hot dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This song came out a few months (?) ago, though, and I’m still pretty obsessed. 


Current [non]-guilty pleasure: I found out that on the entire series of Beverly Hills 90210 is on Hulu. I remember watching this with my mom when I was REALLY little and having no idea what was going on but they all seemed so cool. Anyway, I like to have shows playing in the background when I clean or do bloggy stuff, and this is the perfect mindless show – I don’t need to pay attention really to know what’s going on and if I miss some, I’m fine. 


Current nail color: None, but I want to paint them before Thanksgiving! I’m thinking the same color I did a few weeks ago – it lasted a while!  


Current drink: Water with ACV. Yuuummmm… 


Current food: To be honest, I’m so excited for Thanksgiving. I just want stuffing until I die. 


Current obsession: ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS. I am SO excited for Christmas this year. I can’t figure out if it’s the excitement of Ryan being a little older, my being pregnant, or if I’m always this excited for the holidays, but I cannot wait. All day I end up perusing Pinterest for homemade gifts and decorations. I can’t waittt!


Current craving: Pregnancy craving? If you’re asking for a weird one, I could not stop thinking about canned fruit cocktail recently. I haven’t had it since I was like, 10, but it’s all i wanted. Other than that, the norm: Chipotle, pizza, fries covered in malt vinegar.


Current bane of my existence: I mean, the above mentioned eczema has been kind of driving me insane. I have to sleep in long, tight clothes (long sleeves and leggings) and slather myself in vaseline to try and keep moisture in/itchy hands out…

Current indulgence: I have no idea? I don’t really feel like I indulge much, unless it’s with food, at which point, half baked single serve brownies have been my jam lately. If you like brownies but you also sometimes just want brownie batter, try it. You’re welcome.

Current procrastination: About a million and seven things, like always. At this very moment, sweeping my living room.


Current confession: I may or may not have had Bagel Bites for dinner. No shame. Also, my shirt shoulder smells like (clean, fresh, unsoiled) diapers for some reason? I couldn’t tell you why.


Current quote: Because Disney, always

edited family pic

Current excitement: Seeing my brother at Thanksgiving. He moved to Boston a few months ago and I haven’t seen him since so I’m excited! Plus, he has no idea I’m pregnant (unless someone spilled the beans, which I’ll be pretty pissed if they did..) so it should be pretty funny for his to see this ‘big’ ol’ belly!

Current mood: Bedtime. Also, in case you were wondering, no, Ryan did not sleep through the night Sunday night… I’m hoping it’s because his night was a little off since we went out and he didn’t fall asleep on the way home, but I have no idea any more hahaha.

OKAY friends, I’m off to bed! Let me know some of your “currently”s in the comments!



Best of the Weekend: Thief Baby and Exciting Updates

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good, chilly! I’m not digging the cold, guys, and it’s only November? Anyway, Mondays mean the Best of the Weekend and  linking up with Katie and Erin, so let’s get to it!


Saturday started off on the right foot with Ryan sleeping until 7:45. Yeaup. AFTER 6. If you’ve been following how sleep’s been going since weaning, you know that Ryan doesn’t sleep past 6 anymore and has a penchant for waking up at 3 or 4. So this was magical. I woke up with a craving for a smoothie after making one the previous night for Alex to bring to work on Saturday, so I whipped up a strawberry/banana/spinach for Ryan and I. I’m actually not a huge fan of smoothies, but this one did it for me. #pregnancy. wpid-2015-11-22-07.20.42-1.jpg.jpeg

Eventually I decided that Ryan needed real food, and since our pancake freezer stash was empty, I pulled a random blender pancake recipe up and made a batch. Not too impressed, but the cleanup was easy, so that’s a win. (also, the dog bowls are on the counter because Ryan gets into them otherwise..)wpid-2015-11-22-07.20.41-2.jpg.jpegLater I went to the bathroom and came out to see this – my little daredevil child riding his motorcycle on the couch. God, help me. 

Pre-nap, we read some books. Ryan’s been digging climbing onto the rocking chair to sit and read a book and even though I don’t encourage it, it’s pretty cute.

During his nap I did some work and read about eczema and natural cures. Mine has been horrendous lately, and I’m really trying to find some kind of holistic way to heal it. Right now I’m working on apple cider vinegar – in that cup is water and vinegar… (also, if you have any tips, PLEASE leave them!) This is what my “work station” looks like. Old laptop to watch Hulu/Netflix, fast laptop for blog stuff, and a notebook.

After Alex got home, we went to dinner with my MIL (Chipotle!) and then did…. nothing. It was glorious.


Sunday morning – YOU GUYS. RYAN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. He woke up at 6:45 after going to bed at 7 (asleep by 7:30) and it was AMAZING. Of course, Cooper was up from 12-2 (bear..) so I didn’t sleep through the night, but I have high hopes for tonight, guys. Obviously, Ryan was pretty happy and proud of himself. (JK he was hiding from me.)


After breakfast we did our morning routine of hanging out in his room and reading a book. I read, Ryan listens. Sometimes he reads his own book. 

Then Ryan stole my phone.  I have about 30 of these on my phone right now… wpid-2015-11-22-07.17.27-2.jpg.jpeg

After lunch (CHIPOTLE! Twice in one weekend, <333) we went to Starbucks because cold. Ryan tried to steal me this basket of coffee as a peace offering for all the sleepless nights. He didn’t get far. wpid-2015-11-22-07.16.36-2.jpg.jpeg

Then we watched Pocahontas pre-nap while I drank the good stuff. They finally gave me my damn red cup.. Also, this is what your house looks like when you have a toddler –  toys, sippy cups, and shoes on the tv table, all placed there by said toddler. A diaper genie, dragged out into the living room by toddler. Board books under the table and cable boxes a hot mess due to – you guessed it – a toddler.

Later there was raking, crazy time, and dinner with my mom, none of which I got any pictures of. Such is life. But I’m off to bed with a hope and 3 prayers that the boy sleeps through the night again.

Let me know all about your weekend in the comments!

Friday Favorites #30

Yay for Friday! I’m going to try and make this short and sweet because the dude had me up at 4 (WHY, Ryan, WHY?!) and I’m pooped. So without further ado,  here are my Friday Favorites, that I’m linking with Katie, Heather, Angela and Clare!

First and foremost, a BIG congrats to my good friend Jenna who just had her gorgeous, beautiful baby girl yesterday. You are a rock star and I can’t wait to meet the little lady!

SECOND, since so many of you seem to be as impatient as everyone in my family who forced me to tell them over text message, why don’t we do a little gender reveal? I was going to do this on Thanksgiving, but baby Wieboldt number two is a…….


BOY!!! I am beyond shocked since everyone including myself was SURE it was a girl, except Alex of course. But I am SO excited for Ryan to have a little brother and a built in permanent best friend. Being a mom to a boy has been so much fun and a mom to two can only get better. BUT please pray for me, because two boys. They’re already s different though, from how the first trimester went, to how much I’ve gained, even down to how the kicks have been. This boy seems much more chill than my crazy Ryan, which I’ve gotta say I’m thankful for. During Ryan’s anatomy scan it took almost an hour and a lot of moving positions, drinking cold water and walking around to get all the pictures and measurements they needed because he wouldn’t cooperate and kept squirming. This one laid there, content, arms above his head like he was chilling and let her do her thing. It took barely 5 minutes!

Anyway, let’s go to the “real” favorites:

Favorite Awesome: Woman Gives Perfect Advice to Mom of 8 Year Old Who’s Being Body Shamed. This article is amazing. Yes, obesity is a problem in this country, but adults making an 8 year old feel bad about herself is not the answer. Making movement a fun part of everyday? Definitely the answer.


Favorite Infographic: The Most Delicious Way To Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate This Holiday Season. I saw this on Kaitie’s blog last Friday and I couldn’t resist sharing with you all in case you missed it.


Favorite Savory: Italian Brunch Bake in Ramekins. These look amazing. Can you imagine if you added some rendered diced prosciutto? I love her suggestion of giving the ramekins as gifts with a jar of sun dried tomatoes and the recipe printed as well. Maybe a nice chuck of fancy cheese and a cute mini grater would make it the perfect secret Santa gift!


Favorite Mealtime: Essential Mealtime Manners for Kids. Yes! Having table manners as a kid was a big deal in our household as a kid. Once my brother was using his utensils as drumsticks so my parents took them away and made him eat with his hands (I just remember it was mashed potatoes and he hated anything touching his hands, so it really was effective for him  – 7 year old me would have loves it.) and another time I was eating, “like a pig” so they made me eat on the floor like an animal. We both learned our lessons!  Anyway, I love this post by Brittany about the essential manners we should be teaching our kids.


Favorite Gift: Baby Shower Gift: Hospital Essentials Bag. This is so perfect as a unique and useful shower gift! I wish I had seen this months ago so I could have done it for my friend!

Favorite Heartfelt: My Post-Weaning Depression and Anxiety Story. Oh man, this. It’s a really touching story that any weaning mom can benefit from. PPD doesn’t just happen right after baby. Eat step of babyhood comes with ups and downs in terms of hormones which can effect everyone differently.

Favorite Links:

5 Tips for Creating Attractive Images for Social Media.
How to Love Your Husband When You’re Worn Out.
10 Steps to a Happy SAHM.
The Secret to my Marriage.
10 Ways Your Toddler Can Help Cook Thanksgiving.


Alright, I’m off to bed, friends, even forgoing TGIT Winter Finales! (Thank you, Hulu.) Let me know your recent favorites in the comments!


Is anyone else in utter shock that Thanksgiving is next Thursday? Wasn’t it just Halloween yesterday or something? I used to make fun of my parents when they would say how fast it seemed like time was flying, but man, oh man, is it flying. This year, I have so much to be thankful for. So I thought it only fitting to do a quick post for this week’s Thinking Out Loud listing all I have to be thankful for this year.


These guys. Could a girl want anything else than this? These three make me laugh everyday and remind me how lucky I am to be in their lives. I’ve been truly blessed with a husband who supports me and all of my hormones, works hard to give us a good life and let me stay at home with Ryan, and nods through all of my rambling. I have the cutest, sweetest little boy who lights up my world and teaches me something new every day. I am the owner to the world (okay-est) yellow dog who is perfect and understanding when his little brother gets a little too handsy and always wants to protect his family.

edited family pic

Family. I am so lucky to have the supportive and loving family I have. This picture of my brother, Grandma and dad (with Ryan and me) was taken right before my brother moved to Boston and I love it.  I can’t wait to take another in April and add the bitty babe to the picture (and hopefully Alex, who was at work!) On a side note, ever wonder where Ryan and I get our eyes from? They’re clearly a dominant trait from my grandma!


2 healthy pregnancies. This is the ultrasound from yesterday (right, 20+3) next to Ryan’s anatomy ultrasound (left, 20+2) How lucky am I to have 2 healthy babies so far? Both of my pregnancies have been a breeze (so far) especially compared to others I know or have read.


Our home. I love our little house. It’s small and has it’s faults (okay, enough with the bears in our garbage. We had ANOTHER early yesterday morning visiting. Geeze, don’t you need to go hibernate or something, bears?) but it’s ours. It’s where Ryan has grown up and where we’ll bring the next baby home. I love that we have a yard big enough for Cooper and Ryan to run around in safely.


Deliciousness. I was going to name this one simply, “Chipotle” but that seemed inappropriate for a heartfelt post. (though, all you pregnant ladies can agree – if you find your perfect non-stop craving, it truly is something to be thankful for.) so instead I’m just thankful to live in an area and a state where such an array of delicious, easy food is available on every corner. But really, I’m thankful for Chipotle. And maybe not living in Washington.

All of you! Seriously, though. Talking with all of you each day is such a highlight for me. I love interacting with you all, sharing my struggles and wins as a mom, and getting advice and support from so many different people. I’m so glad I decided to take this blog and blogging seriously (if you’re new, I started this blog when pregnant with Ryan and barely ever updated until May.)


So what are you thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments!

What I Ate Wednesday: Wrap It Up

HAPPY ANATOMY SCAN DAY EVERYONE! I mean, happy Wednesday. Did I mention today is the day of our ANATOMY SCAN where we’ll find out the gender of our baby? I’m not excited or anything. Anyway, since it’s Wednesday, let’s get on to one of my favorite posts of the week, What I Ate Wednesday!


Breakfast: Lately I’ve just been eating one of Ryan’s pancakes with a little butter, cinnamon and sugar on top, but i wasn’t feeling that so I had an apple and some cheese.


Snack: We ran some errands, then came home and Alex said he could go for some Starbucks. I agreed, so we ran out again to get the good stuff. For some reason our favorite local Starbucks isn’t giving me red cups, even though I see them behind the counter. Weird. Anyway, this was my norm as of late, decaf eggnog latte, no nutmeg, extra whipped cream. I dig it.


Lunch: I had a major craving for salsa, so I made myself a burrito. It was ugly, and I overstuff, uhm, everything, but it was so, so good. Chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and chili powder, salsa, cheddar, raw onion, rice and refried beans. I always “seal” mine in a dry, hot pan, and I find it really helps in keeping it all together.


Dinner: Another craving (thanks to Pinterest. Are you following me?) for the past 2 days has been hummus! I was going to make my own but I’m lazy, so I got roasted garlic Sabra hummus and oh man, I forgot how good it is! I made this wrap 2 days in a row now, and it’s amazing. Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, hummus, wrap it on up. Done.


Dessert: A good ol’ cup of hot chocolate. I’ve been obsessed lately. I wish I’d thought to get some whipped cream and mini marshmallows, but I’m a dummy. (Also, if you want super duper thick hot chocolate, look up ciocolata calda. It’s like normal hot cocoa, except you make a slurry of cocoa powder, sugar, cornstarch and cold milk, then add to the hot milk, let it get hot and thicken. It’s amazing.)


Okay, friends, I’m off to FIND OUT THE SEX OF MY (second) CHILD. Leave your week’s favorite foods in the comments!


Week 20.


Cravings: Chipotle. Big, vinegar-y salad. A wrap. Hot chocolate.

Aversions: Anything I have at home, pretty much. It’s really getting old. Everything sounds “meh” to me, and I can’t ever seem to decide what I want to eat.

Sleep: Depends on the day. Weaning is.. going. Sunday night Ryan slept until 7 am (with 2 wake ups, though pretty short ones) and it was pretty much magic.

Anything Else? We find out the gender TOMORROW. Tomorrow, you guys. It’s been weird going so long this time without knowing – with Ryan we got an elective at 15 weeks. I am very interested to see if doing so makes the pregnancy feel shorter. I remember that when I told everyone I was pregnant ASAP and then found out the gender early, the second half felt super long without any fun surprises.




(top is 20 weeks, bottom is the day I found out I was pregnant, same shirt. uhhh….)

I really want to touch on something quickly before I head off. I was going to make this a Thinking Out Loud post but then time got away from me and I didn’t really want to write/post it after we found out the gender (though I’m not going to share it here for a bit until I let everyone in my family etc know :)) because it may not seem genuine depending on the outcome.

I just really want to say, for all of you moms and moms to be out there – it’s okay if you’re hoping for a girl. Or a boy.

When I was pregnant with Ryan, I liked to peruse pregnancy message boards, and if you’ve ever been on one, you know just how brutal those women can be with one another. At least once a week someone would do a post entitled. “Hoping for a Boy!!” and get the crap beat out of them (virtually, obviously) by other moms who felt the need to guilt them.

They remind the woman that she should be happy to have a baby at all – not everyone is as lucky. That she selfish for wishing for one over the other. Even that she doesn’t deserve a child at all, and that they feel badly for the child they will raise. Uhm. What?

Just because a woman envisions one sex over the other doesn’t mean that they don’t love, appreciate and deserve that child. I’m hoping for a girl – my gut says girl. I have a beautiful, wonderful little boy, and would love to give him a little sister. I would love to watch a little girl grow up, to answer her questions only a mother can answer, and to one day watch her become a mother. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love another boy. I think brothers sounds so fun (and challenging!) and I’m well aware that girls bring on the hormones in the teen years. I’m not ungrateful for whatever sex baby is growing in me. I’m just hoping for one over the other.

So yes, while we all just want happy, healthy babies, it’s okay to daydream about dressing a little girl up in headbands and tutus or watching a little boy play catch with his daddy. It doesn’t make you a bad mother because you admit it. It doesn’t make you ungrateful for your pregnancy or the life that you’ve been blessed with. And anyone who even slightly disagrees or tries to make you feel bad about it doesn’t deserve an input in your life, your pregnancy, or the life of your baby.


Best of the Weekend: Classy Clothes and Forced Smiles

Does anyone else feel like that was an exceptionally short weekend? I don’t know if it’s because Alex has been working on Saturdays which makes the weekend feel super short or what, but I can’t say I’m a fan. Anyway, let’s get straight to the fun stuff! A big thanks to Katie and Erin for letting me link up my weekend!


On Friday my dad took Ryan and I out to a local pizza place and then Starbucks. So I had half of an eggnog latte in the morning while Ryan ate his normal breakfast. (Usually a pancake with PB&J, fried egg, some fruit and veg or some sort.


I realized I was looking super classy so I sent Alex a picture of my pajamas to share in my awesome. Jealous yet?

Then we had Ryan first big boo boo. I tell him ALL day long not to stand on the couch or bed, but he continues to and laughs and runs. Well, it finally caught up to him when he slammed his face/nose into the arm of the couch and got a bloody nose. Womp. Still does it though. Lesson NOT learned.


This wiped him out so he took a 3 hour nap pretty early, and I ate leftover for lunch while watching 90210. On different note: why did no one tell me every 90210 episode is on Hulu?

The next day (no pictures from the night, but it was dinner near us with my MIL.) featured a 5 am wake up followed by Chipotle because


After we ran some errands and Ryan fell asleep in the car, so we drove around to drag out the nap. Obviously this called for some Starbucks and bathroom selfies for momma while Alex sat in the car with the sleeping babe. Also, how big is that bump getting? Halfway there!

wpid-2015-11-15-08.33.58-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-11-15-07.16.17-1.jpg.jpeg

Two other things: this random sign at Starbucks about the red cups and the fact that I actually DIDN’T receive a red cup. What? Hello, eggnog latte calls for red cup, yo!


Eventually Ryan woke up, so we gave him another driving lesson while he played with a straw. Kid’s got the life.


Then it was on to housework life. So. Many. Damn. Leaves. I bagged leaves while Ryan ran around and Alex worked on his truck. The total bags was double by the time I was “done”, meaning I ran out of bags.


Ryan played with his Power Wheels. When did he hit the age where he starts giving me face smiles? He looks so old.


After we ran some more errands and went to dinner. I really tried to get a good picture, but this is all I got. We got Japanese food, and I give Ryan a taste of my miso soup. Kid LOVED IT and kept begging for more. He would take the spoon from my hands and slurp it and it was adorable.

So let me know what cool things you did this weekend in the comments!

Friday Favorites #29

Happy Friday! And happy Friday the Thirteenth! Man, I kept thinking yesterday was Friday which is a real bummer. Don’t you hate that? Because it makes me go crazy. Lucky me, the whole week has been like that and it has been slowly making my brain melt. Annnnyway, we don’t really have any fun plan this weekend, Alex is working on Saturday and working on this truck on Sunday so it will probably be a low key weekend. But we’re off to get Ryan’s flu shot this morning, so let me leave you here with Friday Favorites linking with Katie, Heather, Angela and Clare!



Favorite Carb: Sourdough Everything Bagels. Everything bagels are my FAVORITE. Also, I love pretzels. Put them together? Yes, please. Also, Alex loves all things sourdough, so I think I need to make these ASAP.


Favorite Fitness: 10 Beginner Tips for Starting an Exercise Routine. For all of us who didn’t grow up loving exercise, or maybe fell out of it for a while, getting into an exercise routine is a daunting task. This is such a good post and tutorial on how to take out all of the questions you may have!


Favorite Bake: Cranberry Orange Bread with Sweet Orange Glaze. I have such a love for orange cranberry muffins and I NEED to make this bread – it sounds too delicious!


Favorite WTF: Dining With Kids Has Become the New Flying With Them. Uhm, I can tell you right here and now I would not be happy if someone gave me that. Look, I’m not saying all kids are angels or all parents keep the appropriate eye on their children, but there are times when it’s getting late or we’ve been sitting too long or whatever and Ryan starts getting fussy with the occasional screech. But you know what? How are we supposed to teach children how to behave in a restaurant if we completely avoid them? Are we in for a future of young adults who don’t know how to act in a restaurant? “Why stop here? Why not print up cards that say, “Adults at Cuchara do not drink until they become intoxicated. They don’t speak loudly on their phones, or leave tips that are less than 20%. They are respectfull!!””


Favorite Warm: Slow Cooker Turkey and Stuffing Dumpling Soup. Reading the name of this, I was first like, what? weird. But when I saw the picture I decided I NEED to try this. ‘Tis the season for soup!

Favorite Laugh: Dear Husband: The Bathroom is Not a Man Cave. UHM this author read my mind. And my house. That’s all I’m going to say on this, but seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing.

Favorite Heart-Warming: This is How a Barber Conquered and Autistic Boy’s Fear of Haircuts. Oh man, this gave me the chills. Some people are just so amazing. If you haven’t heard this story yet, do yourself a favor and check it out.


Favorite Holiday Treat: Overnight Eggnog Cranberry Coffee Cake. I LOVE eggnog, and I was just telling Alex how I was craving coffee cake. This looks SO good. Uhm, an eggnog dessert with crumbly topping that you can prep the night before? Just yes.

Favorite EXCITED: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! Did anyone else watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding a billion times? I can essentially recite it word for word at this point. Like, I wouldn’t recommend watching it with me. I’m so excited for the sequel! And the preview looks so good!

Favorite Links:

Spray-On Nail Polish is Finally Here to Prove the Future is Upon Us.
We’re Rolling the Dice With No Birth Control. AKA, how I’ve gotten pregnant twice. Not trying, but not not trying.
6 Things Second-Time Dads Need to Know. I don’t care if we have 1 or 87 kids, if you come home with Starbucks and none for me, we’re getting a divorce.
Why Being the Parent to a 1-Year Old is Exhausting. YASSS.
23 Times The Internet Reminded Us The “Friend Zone” Isn’t Real.
Enjoy It, Because It Goes Fast – In Illustrations. Any parent who has heard this can relate.
Some Christians are Super Offended by Starbucks New Red Cup Design. Chill, guys, it’s a cup.
The One Phrase I Wish We Could Ban From Mom Conversations.
What My Daughter Won’t Remember About Her Childhood.

I hope you have a great weekend! Let me know your favorites of this week in the comments!