Friday Favorites #24

OKAY, so bad blogger this week. After missing Monday’s post, I somehow managed to go to bed last night without scheduling, much less writing, a post for yesterday. Alex has been home at night this week (he started a new job, and this week he’s in training.) so I’ve been spending nights, aka blog writing time, with him. But next week he’ll be working nights so we’ll be back on track so to speak. But I will say, I’ve been a cleaning machine this week during Ryan’s naps. Is fall cleaning such a thing? Because I’ve been doing it, hardcore.

Anyway, today is Friday, which means favorites! As always, I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!


Favorite Freezable: Customizable Egg Muffins. How delicious do these look? Easy meals are the best, plus I bet Ryan would adore these. And, hey, one less dish each morning? Please and thank you.


Favorite Gush: Homeschool, Y’all. In a perfect world, I would for sure home-school Ryan. We’re pretty far from that, but it’s something I daydream about every now and then – making learning fun at home, at our own pace. Anyway, I love this post about one blog mom’s announcing her decision to home-school and the clear passion with which she talks about it.


Favorite Pumpkin: Peanut Butter Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast. Because ’tis the season, right?


I could definitely get more on board with a Selfie Spoon than a Selfie Stick.
Pumpkin Spice butter
10 Smart Ways to Use Frozen Broccoli.
10 Movies to Prepare my Son for Life.
Uhm, Pumpkin Shortage?

Happy Friday guys, go enjoy it! I hope you have  a great weekend and get ready for a normal, consistent week next week over here at Morgan Manages Mommyhood!


What I Ate Wednesday: Almost Free Food

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve mentioned before my hatred for writing intros, so rather than struggling through an intro, I’m just going straight to the What I Ate Wednesday goodness.


Breakfast: Breakfast tacos are back in my life! 2 tiny flour tortillas (they’re 4 inches and adorable in Morgan-land) with a thin layer of re-fried beans, scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa. So, so, so good.


Lunch: I’m telling you guys, Panera Bread reward cards are the best ever. A few days ago I got an email about $5 off any online order and decided to see if I can get something fo’ free. I ended up picking up a bread bowl with Chicken and Wild Rice for 30 cents. Boom.


Dinner: To be honest, I have no idea what this meal is. Alex has a weird schedule this week since he’s starting his new job and doing training or whatever, so I wasn’t sure if we’d be doing dinner together or not. In the end, I grilled up some chicken, and added it to some lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, and steamed stir fry veggies from the day before all covered in my fave hibachi dressing.

Let me know: favorite Panera soup? Favorite almost free meal? Favorite forgotten breakfast? Leave it in the comments!

Best of the Weekend: Rainy Days and Belated Posts

Why, hello friends! After waking up yesterday to realize I hadn’t put together yesterday’s post (long story short, instead I raced around the house freaking out over not being able to find some important documents for Alex.. still MIA..) I decided not to rush one out and instead just push this weeks Best of the Weekend to today.  Instead I spend the day playing with the little dude, hitting up Target, and cleaning like a mad woman. Sometimes, days off are needed!

Anyways, this weekend was full of errands, icky rainy days, and staying in PJ’s. Here are some of my favorite pictures for the weekend!


We haven’t packed up Ryan’s jumpy yet, (it was on this weekends list and didn’t happen – oops.) but Ryan’s okay with that. He loves turn on the music, then walk away. If you turn it off, he’ll run back in all angry and turn it back on. Last weekend he decided he was going to get in it… kind of.


You may have seen on Instagram that the dude was a bit of a nuisance while I was doing laundry. I eventually got 3 loads washed, dried, folded and put away (how do 2 adults and one small child make SO.MUCH.LAUNDRY!?) but not without some interruption.

Also on Insta: I found these pictures of Alex’s first birthday and realized that although Ryan looks A LOT like me, (he inherited my family eyes) he’s clearly got Alex’s lower ha;f of his face AND HIS HAIR! I thought he got it from me, but the straight/wavy front, curly back is ALL Alex.


Watching ‘toons while we were waiting for daddy to get ready to leave for lunch. If I don’t wash/wet his hair every day, this happens: a mess of curls.


The first PSL of the year and happy about it. Also, my dad got me a Secret Gardens coloring book and I’ve been digging it. Nothing better on a rainy day.


Sunday we headed to Chipotle (it had been 2 weeks since I’d been – I was having major withdraws.) and we got there about 10 minutes before they opened. So we sat in the car and taught Ryan how to drive, obviously.


Lunch was what dreams are made of: chicken, rice, black beans, fajita veggies, mild, extra corn, cheese and guac. And a nosy. nosy toddler eating apples in the background.


Then more playing in PJ’s before tubby time. Ryan’s obsessed with this motorcycle ride on Alex’s cousin got him. It’s the cutest.


He’s also obsessed with raisins out of his little snack cup. (there was a lid that he promptly ripped off so I don’t use it. Any tips, mommas with stubborn toddlers?) Cooper is slowly learning not to hover/steal his snacks, but as you can see he’s still very alert for any stragglers. wpid-2015-10-05-06.23.16-1.jpg.jpeg

No shirt, playing the piano. I don’t know, guys.

Then tubby and bed. Can we please talk about how long his hair is when it’s not curly? Jeeze louise.

Okay, everyone, I’m off to cuddle with some animals and chill with the hubs (!!!!! He’s home!!! On a weekday!) Let me know what cool things you did this weekend!

Friday Favorites #23

Happy Friday, ladies and gents! This Friday is extra special – ALEX IS COMING HOME. No, like, for good! He got a new job closer to home (30 minutes!) so no more being home for the week!! He will be working weird hours, since it’ll be second shift, but since Ryan isn’t in school, it’s almost beneficial since if he was working more “traditional” hours, he would barely see Ryan at all before he went to bed. This new job is such a good fit both for Alex and for our family! Very exciting stuff. Definitely a “Friday Favorite”. Speaking of which, let’s get on to this week! I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!



Favorite Kitchen Tip: 5 Simple Secrets for a Delicious Homemade Soup. Welcome, season of soup! I love the last tip about adding in vinegar!


Favorite Kid Fun: Fun Fall Inspired Activities for Kids. I love that this fall, Ryan is walking and interacting and Some of these I can actually do with him this fall! The others I cannot wait until next fall to try out – like a scavenger hunt!

Favorite Cute: When Daddy is the First Base Coach. This is just too cute. I can’t wait until Ryan’s in kid’s sport and I force Alex to be on the team. 😉


Favorite YUM: Stuff Nutella in Sugar Cookies, Find Eternal Happiness. Uhm. Nutella stuffed in a cookie? Yes. Yes, please. Like, NOW.

Favorite Funny: 25 Hilarious Tweets about Animals. I don’t know if it was just because it was late and I was tired, but I was laughing so hard at this. Some of them are just the best ever. Check it out if you want a good laugh/dig animals. Also – Volde-TORT. Stop.


Favorite Reality Check: The Truth About Cooking with Kids. I laughed through the majority of this post by Danielle. So, so, so true.


Favorite Bake: Coffee Glazed Coffee Cake. I love the idea of using pumpkin spice coffee to add extra flavor to an old favorite!

Favorite Links:

The Saddest Thing About Living in Our ‘Playdate Society’
Girl Meets World Star Has The Best Response When Reporters Ask For Her Diet Tips. This girl is 13 and she’s amazing.
Anthony Bourdain Opening the Epcot of Street Food in New York City.
Anxiety: Why Am I Faking It?
Scariest Places in New England.

Okay, I’m off! I hope you all stay dry and safe this weekend if Joaquin will be hitting you. I think where we are we’ll be in the clear, but I’m knocking on wood because I do not temp Mother Nature. Have a great weekend, and let me know your favorites this week in the comments!

This or That?

Hola, mis amigos! That’s pretty much what I learned in 3 years of college Spanish. (In case you were wondering why I didn’t minor in it, my teacher told me I would never pass the last 2 semesters required in order to get the minor because I wasn’t a native speaker. Uhh, thanks.) How has your week been so far? This weather is killing me. We’re getting a lot of gloom and rain here in Jersey, and it’s bumming me out. Too bad Hurricane Joaquin is on it’s (his?) way so this whole weekend, so it doesn’t seem like the rain is going anywhere. Hopefully that just means lots of naps and cuddling and not cabin fever.

Annnnyway for this week’s thinking out loud, I’m stealing a little survey from Heather because all of this gloom is giving me a brain fart. Also, teething. The excuse for everything. So off we go: This or That?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

If we’re talking ice cream, chocolate vanilla twist with extra rainbow sprinkles. Otherwise, chocolate, if only because I can’t really think of anything else vanilla? 

days at the beach should always end with #kohrs ice cream. #pointpleasant #gorgeousday

A photo posted by Morgan Wieboldt (@morganmanages) on

Innie or Outtie?

Ick, innie. Sorry, outies kind of freak me out? When I was pregnant my belly button went completely flat, and I was kind of freaked that it would go out but

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?

My parents met while working at a ski shop and my brother and I kind of grew up there. My dad still works there, so I feel obligated to say winter, if only because I am not a fan of being hot and sticky. I like being warm, but hot? No thanks. Plus, you can always put on more clothes.

Save or Spend?

Save but only so that I can spend it on the good stuff. I’m not a fan of junk, but give me a nice vacation or a quality item, and I’ll happily spend money on it.

Elliptical or Treadmill?

I hate ellipticals. I always feel like I’m going to trip on it, which doesn’t make any sense to me. But I love me some treadmills.

Banana or Apple?

The Wieboldts love them some apples. And apple picking. And all things apples. Did I say apples? I actually am very specific about the state of bananas I will eat, since I don’t like them AT ALL once they start to spot – I hate when they get even a little soft.

DSC_0294Morning or Night?

Ugh, night. God, give me night. There are few things in this world that I hate more than waking up. Even Ryan is a big grump when he wakes up. (doesn’t stop him from waking up super early though…)

Love or Money?


Does anyone actually write money here?


Lipbalm or Lipstick?

I don’t think I’ve ever worn lipstick unless it was Halloween or my wedding. Give me EOS lip balm. For life.

Alone or with others?


Stealing this from Heather because give me the introverts. I’m super talkative, but I don’t like talking to people I don’t really know. I’d rather stay home in bed than go out. I never liked going out. It takes everything in me not to flake on plans with people because it’s easier to stay home by myself.

Coffee or Tea?

In contrast to my English heritage, give me all the coffee. Though occasionally tea with lots of lemon and honey is a huge win.

Straight or Curly?

Until I met Alex, I was pretty adamant about always straightening my SUPER curly hair, but then I met Alex who hates my hair straight. (he says I look like I’m going to an 8th grade dance?) so now I guess I’m into mah curls. Plus, these curls are everything.

ryan bday 3DSC_0616

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

Depends on the day : If I’m super busy, it’s 3 meals. If Ryan’s giving me some time to myself, I’ll probably pick more.

Right-handed or left-handed?


Beach or Mountains?


Gimme da beeacccchh! Sand wedgies and sunburn always. (not even being sarcastic)

Mac or PC?

PC. I’ve played with my dad’s Mac and I hate it.

Shy or Outgoing?

Depends on who you ask. I’m a shy person, but I can talk to anyone. I feel awkward all the time, but I have some weird  magnetic pull to everyone talking to me. Like, I don’t want to talk to you, strange old lady at the grocery store.

Beer or Wine?

Neither? I’m weird and don’t like the taste of alcohol. Though give me a fruity drink (most preferably frozen) or a glass of Champagne and I’m down.

Chicken or Fish?

Chicken, unless we’re talking shellfish and then give me all the grab and shrimp.


Alright my friends, your turn: tell me a few of your this or thats! Leave it in the comments!

What I Ate Wednesday: Subs, Pizza, and Jelly Beans

Wednesday is here once again! This weather is sucky (warm and rainy = muggy = gnats and bugs where I live. ew.) which makes the days draaagg. Monday I was able to go to the store and play outside with Ryan, but Tuesday was raining on and off so inside it was. Anyway, at least I had some good eats to enjoy! These are my eats from Monday, since my food is always best on Mondays. (Hello, fridge full o’ food.)  If you’re new to What I Ate Wednesday, head over to Peas and Crayons to get the full scoop, where Jen hosts this lovely link-up each week. So here, you go!


Breakfast: Apple from the orchard. With lots of unpictured peanut butter. And cinnamon sugar. Ain’t no shame in my game.


Lunch: Homemade Italian sub. Ham, salami, provolone, shredded iceberg, onion, tomato and tons of vinegar. Nomnomnom. I’ve been thinking about a sub for daaayyysss, but Alex doesn’t do cold cuts, so I was stuck dreaming until I could do my weekly grocery shopping. So. So. Good.


Dinner: Did you ever have french bread pizza as a kid? My parents made it all the time for us. I had an almost stale roll from the previous week and threw some tomato sauce and cheese on it before putting it in the oven. On the side I made pseudo antipasto salad with cold cuts, olives, tomato, onion, banana peppers, balsamic, and the left over shredded iceberg.


Dessert: Jelly beans. You may have seen my Instagram post from Friday, where I got a box from Candy Club, a monthly candy subscription service. In it I got these sour jelly beans which are amazing and my new obsession. They’re Gimbal’s sour jelly beans, and they’re not really sour at all, just delicious. Go get them. You’re welcome.

Alright people, I’m outie. I’m off to do I have no idea what, but as long as I get out of my house, I’ll be a happy momma. So let me know: favorite candy find? Favorite sandwich? Ever have french bread (or English muffin!) pizza? Let me know in the comments!

Tip and Methods for Getting to Sleep

My entire life, I’ve had trouble falling asleep. When I was younger, I would stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning reading a book. I would choose a page number or chapter to stop at and blow past it. And when I wasn’t prolonging sleep with a book, I would lay in bed and write stories in my head. Have full conversations with people, real and imaginary. Think of the homework I had to do, or count down the time until I had until I had to wake up, which would stress me out and – you guessed it – keep me up later.

These days, it’s not too hard to fall asleep. Most nights the second I turn the lights off I’m out. Yes, half of that is because I have a son who wakes up at least once every three hours (much more now that he’s cutting about five teeth at once. Yes, I said 5. God, help me.) but the other half of that is because I’ve learned what it takes for me to fall asleep.

Since most nights of the week Alex isn’t home (UPDATE ON THAT COMING AND IT’S A GOOD ONE.) because he’s at work, I definitely find it harder to fall asleep, since usually Alex either tells me it’s bedtime or I pass out on the couch watching whatever boring show he makes me watch. So since he’s been at work, I’ve found myself relying on my old methods of sleep as a back up. So in hopes that they’ll help my fellow life long insomniacs, here are my best tips for falling asleep easily!

Untitled design

The Preparation

-Get everything together that you need to go to bed. Nothing will hinder your ability to turn your brain off than getting in bed and realizing you forgot XYZ. Here is what my bedside looks like (This is actually my kitchen floor since everything in my bedroom photographs super yellow.)


Inhaler, paper towel (or tissues, when I remember to pick them up which is never) full cup of water, phone charger, a book or Nook, clock.

-Do yourself a favor, and keep your bedroom basic. Bedrooms are for 2 things. Sleeping and sleeping. Take the TV’s out of your room. Laptops? Out. If you can, plug your phone somewhere you can’t reach over and check it. This also helps if it’s your alarm in the morning – it’s harder to justify hitting snooze if you have to get out of bed to hit it.) Bonus points if you charge it outside of the bedroom.

-Choose sheets and blankets that you’ll want to snuggle into each night. Make your bed inviting! Hell, make your bed. Every time my bed is made I can’t wait to  jump in.

-Know your temperatures. I like to sleep cold. Like, we put the AC on high until October. I know that in order for me to comfortably fall asleep, our bedroom needs to be chilly before I get in there, so an hour or so before bed we either crank the AC, turn down the heat, or open the windows.


The Wind-Down

-Prepare the house. For me, this means making sure the doors and windows are locked, the animals have food and water, Cooper has been let out, lights, stove, etc are off, and the floor is clean. It’s these things that would keep me up (or wake me up, thanks Coop.) if I were in bed trying to sleep.

-Find your comfy bed clothes. For me, certain shirts, especially  big shirts will keep me up all night. They bunch and move and I hate it. I like fitted shirts and either looser pants or shorts. Find what clothes will work for you and won’t have you squirming all night trying to get comfy.

-Pick a “bed”time. I try to be asleep by 11, mostly because as much as I would love to be asleep before then, I have a hard time doing so. This means be 9:30 or 10, depending on the day, I make sure I’m in bed. That way, I can wind down in bed without the distractions of the rest of the house.

-Set a lights-out time. Depending on what my bed time is, I make sure my lights are out between 10:30 and 10:45. This gives me adequate time to fall asleep without cutting into my “eight hours”. This means that if I’m reading and it hits that time, book closes and lights go off. I know myself. If I let myself, I’ll finish a book. Yes, there are days when I hit a crazy part of a book and I just keep going because how can you not? But most days, I stick to my guns.


The Process

-Wipe your brain. I’m all about visualizing things. So at night when I can’t seem to shut my brain off, I need to visualize it all being erased. It may seem weird, but I swear it works for me. I imagine I have a big chalkboard eraser and slowly erase everything that’s in my mind, every single little corner. #weirdbuttrue

-Count down. Everyone has heard of counting to fall asleep, but, at least for me, counting from one to a billion is too easy and doesn’t distract my busy brain enough. So I count down, usually from 500 and make sure I completely focus on each number, even drawing them out in my mind.

-Yoga breaths. I don’t know the actual term for these, but they remind me of when you’re laying on the floor in yoga. Deep, thoughtful breaths. Concentrate on them. When I would have asthma attacks, they would instruct me to breath in for 10, hold for 10, release for 10. I find the breath/release for 10 to be a great starting point.


The Back-Up

-If it’s been 30 or more minutes of not sleeping, sometimes I’ll grab my book and read for 20 minutes to decompress and get a little more sleepy. Not being able to fall asleep is stressful, so I try to give myself some time when I genuine can’t sleep.

Good night, Sleep tight, friends.

Do you have trouble falling asleep? What are your favorite tips for falling sleep? let me know in the comments!

Best of the Weekend: The Great Outdoors

Hello, friends! Monday is here once again! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty perfect. The weather was amazing! It was originally supposed to rain, but instead it was sunny and crisp – just how I love it! Here’s how my weekend went! As always, I’m linking up with Katie and Erin!


First and foremost, I FOUND MY NOOK. It was in an insanely obvious spot, but regardless I’m pumped. This is Ryan attempting to unlock it, which is funny to watch.

Another great way to start the weekend? Finding a box of 3 pounds of candy when your door on Friday to go to the grocery store.


Saturday started with some Shake Shack. After the bad experience, I’ve been mildly off put by Shake Shack. We finally went though and my long standing obsession has returned. Fries and a cheeseburger hit the spot, man.

wpid-2015-09-27-06.51.23-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-27-06.51.21-1.jpg.jpeg

Then we went apply picking! I’ve been wanting to go for a while, and Saturday was the perfect day for it. I shared an apple with Ryan and by “shared an apple” I mean I let him have a bite and he screamed when I took it away. He ate through the core, guys. Also, does anyone go to a pick your own and not test what they’re picking? We also picked Ryan a little pumpkin because when in Rome..


The first Pumpkin Spice of the season. I actually asked for a frappuccino, but got an iced latte instead. I’m one of those people that hates returning food, so I just took it, and it was delicious. Plus I was pretty sure that I ordered a frappuccino but I couldn’t really remember so I didn’t want to be that chick.

wpid-2015-09-27-06.51.16-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-09-27-06.51.11-1.jpg.jpeg

Then we went home and outside to play (and for Alex, work.) Poor Alex kept raking only to have Ryan sit dead center in his pile and throw leaves. This kid.


My MIL came over later and we had totally average Italian food at a new to us place, and once she left and I put the dude to bed, this happened. We bought some apple cider donuts at the apple orchard and inhaled them. SO. GOOD.


The next day started late, (Ryan slept in after a rough night) and we went to Mamoun’s for lunch. (same order as always.) Then errands commenced in the form of Target shenanigans. We almost bought this for Ryan, but it was $20. And I just couldn’t since he’d probably like it for 3 seconds.

More outside fun after a skipped nap. Ryan likes to get into his Power Wheels, go for 3 seconds, crawl out and repeat. He’s insane. Then we went to dinner (Panera) and picked up some shoes for Ryan! Babies R Us was buy one get one free as a PSA, so a pair of boots, sneakers and some socks were $22. BOOM. He’s having a little trouble getting used to them since he’s never worn shoes and they’re hard soled, but since I only plan to put him in them when he’s outside and it’s chilly, I’m not too concerned.

We ended the day with some more outside time and brotherly love. Also, those boots…


How was your weekend? Did you spend anytime outside enjoying fall? Let me know in the comments!

Friday Favorites #22

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this week went decently quick because instead of heading to my dad’s on Wednesday like normal, we went on Thursday. Isn’t it weird that a small change in your routine can make your week feel so different? Anyway, I can’t wait to enjoy the first weekend of Fall! I think it’s supposed to be icky around here, but I’m hoping for some sunny hours to go apple picking and celebrate fall! (Also, is fall capitalized? I always get confused by that..) Here are your favorites, though!  As always, I’m linking up my Friday Favorites with Katie, Heather, and Clare!


Favorite Find: Carrot Ginger Miso Dressing. YOU GUYS. I found my hibachi dressing. It’s almost perfect, and I’m okay with it not beinf 100%. Remember when I told you all I needed to find this dressing? I found it at Whole Foods!


Favorite Thought-Provoking: Don’t vaccinate your kid? Don’t send ’em to my house. This is a very touchy subject in the world of parenting, but this really brought an interesting light to the topic. As someone who does in fact vaccinate her kids and who definitely believes in vaccinations, I’ve never had to think about what will happen when we come across other kids who aren’t. At this point we don’t do the whole play date thing yet, but it’s a hurdle we’ll have to tackle sooner or later and this was such an interesting perspective on the topic.


When your kid follows you everywhere (even into the bathroom)

Favorite Funny: Parenting as Told by “Mean Girls“. Dead. I’m dead. I can’t stop laughing. Any die hard Mean Girls fan will be obsessed with this spot on BuzzFeed post.  Number  9, 12, 14, 18, 21 are way, way too true.

Favorite Question: Are You “Done”? I’m sure every mom hates this question. And, “When’s the next one coming?” Any mom who has been pregnant or just had a baby has heard this question and wanted to scream. I do love the reasons why she states she thinks she is done though. It’s a hard question and a sensitive question for every woman.


Favorite Infographic: Drinking Your Calories: Here’s How Alcohol Compares To Your Fave Foods. Reason #1735953729 why I don’t really drink that much. Except for the occasional fruit drink. Pizza > Liquor.

For the next generation #PotterItForward

A photo posted by Gabriella Cauchi (@gabsxo) on

Favorite Movement: “Harry Potter” Fans Are Paying It Forward And Leaving Heartfelt Notes For Future Readers. Oh, the chills this has given me. I’ve written before about my love for Harry Potter and reading and my efforts to pass on the same love to Ryan. I’m itching to write some notes to put into some Harry Potter books and #Potteritforward

Favorite Links:

7-Year-Old Reprimanded By Teacher For Writing Her Name In Cursive.
Cabbage Roll Rice.
Hospitals Everywhere Should Have This Amazing Co-Sleeping Bed For New Moms.
Pumpkin Muffins.
Visualizing Pregnancy Cravings Like 5-Star Meals.

Okay, go enjoy your Friday! And your weekend! Sorry this favorites edition was kind of mom/parenting centric, but ’tis my life and some weeks more parenting articles grab my attention than others.

Anyway, let me know your favorites of the week! Any fun plans? Let me know in the comments!

Thinking Out Loud #2

You guys, I have started 2 separate posts today, but I just couldn’t finish them. It had nothing to do with procrastinating. The time just wasn’t right. They’re posts I’ll write another day, but I try not to force things to out just so that I can have a post. So instead of the thought provoking post or the look into my brain, I’m doing another “classic” Thinking Out Loud. So here we go!



1. I thought of THE BEST Halloween costume for Ryan. Like, I cannot wait. I’m sorry to tease you like this, but I think it will be fun to show you guys when it’s all together because it’s good guys. Like, really good. Now I need a costume. Last year I was a hipster while Ryan rocked a TNMT sleeper with cape that I bought last minute at Target. I need redemption!


2. Somehow I have still not baked, eaten, or drank anything pumpkin yet this year. Wtf? I keep meaning to pick up a can at the store, but I always forget. What should I made first?!?!? I’m thinking pumpkin bread or muffins. Because, give me all the sweet, doughy carbs. I’m also eyeing these pumpkin cinnamon rolls <33

3. On the baking page – does anyone actually wait for baked goodies to cool before at least tasting? Unless I’m making something for an event that would look stupid disassembled or something like a cheesecake (ew), you know I’m damn well tasting it within 5 minutes of it coming out of the oven. Because nothing is tastier than sweets that are hot from the oven.


4. The other day Ryan dragged his Mopi in front of the TV, turned on the TV, sat on said Mopi and watched TV. If I wasn’t so impressed that he could do that, I would be pretty pissed since I had just told him no more TV. This kid will be the death of me, I swear.


5. Last year, the school bus came one an afternoon at 4. We’re the last house (kind of, there’s an abandoned lot next to us..) on the street so you can see and hear the bus a kids from where we are. This year, the bus comes 3 times an afternoon. Right during naptime, on average. Each time, Cooper freaks out and barks in the house before racing to the back door and barking outside (usually right next to Ryan’s window.) Does anyone have any tips for me? It’s not even October and I’m starting to go a little crazy.


6. How adorable are these little pumpkins from Target? I need to beg Alex for them 😉 There was also an equally cute ghost I really want!

7. Every time I bring Ryan outside to play in the yard, he eventually gravitates to the grill. I have no idea why. He just stands in front of it, smacks it, and plays with the nobs.. I’d probably try to stop him, but he’s so cute that I let it go. I mean, that face.

Okay, I’m done! Let me know you’re random thoughts of the week in the comments!